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8 players mentioned by Mike Tomlin following Wednesday’s training camp practice

The Pittsburgh Steelers took to the practice field at St. Vincent College to finish out their first full week. Following practice Wednesday, head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media. Asked several questions by those in attendance, there was more than enough for a players mentioned article. Remember these are players where a specific question was asked during the Q&A period.

George Pickens

The Steelers have had officials at their practice for the last two days and apparently a call was made during seven shots where George Pickens was ruled out of bounds. Coach Tolman was asked about Pickins disputing the call.

“Yeah, there’s going to be calls that you don’t like. But the calls are the calls and there’s an educational process that goes on in environments like this, whether the call is correct or not, or whether you agree or disagree. We got to move on. The call this a call. And so, that’s some of the, you know, learning that goes on for young people in an environment like this that are working their tails off to compete and it becomes somewhat emotional. Calls are calls.”

Anthony McFarland Jr.

One player who impressed on multiple plays on Wednesday was running back Anthony McFarland. Coach Tomlin was asked what he liked out of McFarland at this point early in camp.

“He looks like a guy who’s been in this environment, and he has. So, the consistency you know, oftentimes we talk a lot about splash, and splash gets a lot of attention. One of the points that we’re trying to drive home is professionals make routine plays routinely. And I think that’s been the thing that’s gotten our attention regarding him. The routine play, the option route, the ball in the flat, the flare and things of that nature. He is doing routine things very well and that’s important.”

In a follow-up question, Coach Tomlin was asked how McFarland’s skill set compliments the rest of the backs.

“To be determined.You know, we’d have to know who that collection of backs is to analyze it in that perspective, and we’re here to build. And so, that’s to be determined.”

Broderick Jones & Darnell Washington

During the non-padded practices, Coach Tomlin said it was best to wait until the pads come on to ask about first-round draft pick Broderick Jones. On Wednesday, Coach Tomlin was asked his assessment of Jones after two days in pads and seeing elevated reps.

“So far so good.”

In a later question, Coach Tomlin was asked about Darnell Washington and Broderick Jones coming from the same college program and the competitiveness of that level.

“I think the two national championships in the last two years say it all.”

Isaac Seumalo & Cam Heyward

The Steelers have set up some interesting matchups in one-on-one drills so far in the padded practices of training camp. Coach Tomlin was asked how he goes about determining who he wants to face each other during drills and in his response he specifically mentioned the matchup of Isaac Seumalo versus Cam Heyward.

“Some guys are good dance partners for valid reasons. Some guys are good dance partners for intangible reasons. Just in an environment like this. Particularly, when you talk about people in stages of development, what you’re looking for is people that are at similar stages of development. You know, Isaac (Seumalo) and Cam Hayward are awesome work partners. Why? Because they’re both veteran and established interior guys, and so you’ll see them work a lot together. That’s an easy pair to match up. But some of the developmental guys that are in the process of growing are more difficult and we’re trying to search for appropriate things. And if someone wins with a level of consistency, you elevate the matchups they’re in, and that’s this process.”

Kwon Alexander

Although he joined the Steelers several practices in the training camp, linebacker Kwon Alexander has brought some great intensity. Coach Tomlin was asked to speak about the energy Alexander has brought so far.

“Man, I tell you, he’s a veteran. He might be new to us, but he’s not new to environments like this or to professional football and it’s showing, showing in a hurry.”

In a later question, Coach Tomlin was asked if Alexander is one of those guys where he hast to say “whoa.”

“I’d rather say whoa than sic ‘em. I mean that.”

In a follow-up question, Coach Tomlin was asked if he has to say whoa to Alexander.

“Looks like thus far. But that’s my job. I’ll do it.”

Cory Trice Jr.

The most disappointing news on Wednesday was rookie Cory Trice Jr. going on Injured Reserve, ending his season. Coach Tomlin was asked what Trice had shown prior to the injury.

“It was early in the process. It was our first day in pads and that’s just unfortunate, but it’s football and life.”

Mike Tomlin’s complete interview can be seen here:


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