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3 players mentioned by Mike Tomlin following Tuesday’s training camp practice

The Pittsburgh Steelers took to the practice field at St. Vincent College in a padded practice following their day off on Monday. After practice, head coach Mike Tomlin briefly addressed the media. Although there were very few questions asked  by those in attendance, there was enough for a players mentioned article. Remember these are players where a specific question was asked during the Q&A period.

Joey Porter Jr.

The Steelers appeared to have an emphasis on tackling in Tuesday’s practice. Coach Tomlin was asked about Joey Porter making a tackle in run support and if that part of his game is evolving and factoring into his skill set as a young player.

“That’s one of the reasons why we did it today. We need to know more about him and others. Not only what they’re capable of,but teaching. We got a lot of ball in front of us, he’ll have an opportunity to show his consistent capabilities in that area. I won’t draw conclusions on one day’s work.”

Kendrick Green & Connor Heyward

The Steelers are having several players lineup at different positions with some being more extreme than others. Coach Tolman was asked how Kendrick Greene and other players are handling this responsibility. In his response, Tomlin also discussed Connor Heyward.

“Specifically, him so far so good, and in Connor is probably less of a discussion because that is in his background. He was an H-back at Michigan State he was a running back at Michigan State, and so usually some of them have it in their background in some form or fashion. It’s not a completely new exposure when they get to this level, and we asked them to do some things.”

Mike Tomlin’s complete interview can be seen here:


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