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2024 NFL Draft Results: Pittsburgh Steelers select Troy Fautanu with 1st round pick

Entering the 2024 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a number of draft needs that they needed to address. Unlike in 2023, the Steelers didn’t possess a full allotment of draft picks, and there were several positions which would be considered a glaring need on their roster.

With seven total picks, the following positions could be viewed as a priority entering the selection process: center, offensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback, safety and even inside linebacker. Those positions, and more, were positions of need to help the black-and-gold get to the next level in 2024. There have been numerous thoughts and debates regarding what the team will do in Round 1 of the NFL Draft.

When the dust settled, the Steelers selected Troy Fautanu out of Washington with their first pick in the draft.

For some analysis of this selection, here is information from a scouting report on Troy Fautanu, this from

“Ready-made brawler without an ounce of finesse in his game. Fautanu has starting experience at tackle and guard and is well-coached, but he will default to unruly hand-fighting when his technique gets away from him. He plays with average hand placement and can be beaten by length, but his tenacity and footwork keep him connected to base blocks. He’s capable of getting to reach blocks in zone and chaperoning running backs wide as a pulling guard on the next level. He’s a pop-and-reset pass puncher who uses active hands and feet to help with extended mirroring he’s forced into. Fautanu needs to prove he has the leverage and hand quickness to play inside, but all signs point toward him becoming a good future starter.”


  • Plays with lateral hustle to make back-side and play-side zone blocks.
  • Works to center and land with firmness post-contact.
  • Generates push from lower half on down blocks and double-teams.
  • Sets out to rusher with good lateral quickness and knee bend.
  • Maintains active hands and feet to stay in front of the rusher.
  • Keeps weight back to avoid being countered off-balance in protection.


  • Longer opponents gain extension and rid him of block sustain.
  • Run-blocking technique eventually gets away from him.
  • Has issues with hand slippage due to inconsistent placement.
  • Slow to fire his pass punch and rarely closes rusher down with hand latch.
  • Gets beaten inside when he’s too eager and oversets the edge.

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