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Predicting Season Stat Lines for every Steelers Quarterback

This past week on The Steelers Fix podcast, Jeremy Betz and I made ideal over/under props for multiple different statistics for the Steelers offense in 2024. We are going to expound on that today, specifically at quarterback; but first, make sure you listen to this week’s episode of our show in the player below this article!

This may be the toughest year I can ever remember as it pertains to predicting stat lines for the Steelers quarterbacks. Other than Kenny Pickett’s rookie season when Mitch Trubisky was in town, the Steelers have had a defined starter at quarterback that, if healthy, would likely be the guy for the remainder of the season. While I am a huge fan of Justin Fields and see him as the potential future of this team, I do believe this year’s job is Russell Wilson’s to lose. Barring injury or horrendous play, I expect him to keep the starting job for all of 2024, as you will realize in my stat predictions.

As always, be sure to share your stat predictions for these quarterbacks in the comment section below.

Russell Wilson

Starts: 16
Pass Attempts: 469
Completions: 304
Yards Per Attempt: 7.1
Passing Yards: 3,329
Touchdowns: 23
Interceptions: 10

I could see Russell Wilson sitting a game at some point during the season, as bumps and bruises could easily mount up, especially at his age. Even if that happens to be in Week 18, I am predicting he will at least miss one game. Last year, Wilson completed 66.4% of his passes, but in an offense that will have more play action and a higher deep pass rate, I expect that number to come down just a notch. Remember, Wilson was benched the final two games of the season last year amidst a broken relationship with Sean Payton. Throwing for 3,500 passing yards is easily within reach.

His 6.9 yards per attempt was tied for 20th in the league last season, but if he improves his efficiency even slightly to 7.1 yards per attempt, that would put him in a tie for 15th in the league when going by last year’s numbers. While I do believe the efficiency will improve in a run-heavy and deep-passing offense, it is only fair to assume his interception numbers may go up as well. These numbers are easily attainable for Wilson and would potentially make him a top 14-17 quarterback, which is all the Steelers need in order to be a dangerous playoff team.

Justin Fields

Starts: 1
Pass Attempts: 51
Completions: 30
Passing Yards: 382
Yards Per Attempt: 7.5
Touchdowns: 1
Interceptions: 1

I am only predicting Fields to start one game, but if the Steelers get out to a big lead in a game, I could see the team keeping Wilson fresh and letting Fields close a couple games out. I could also see the Steelers utilizing Fields in special packages from time to time, even with Wilson on the field. This could open the door for trick plays, reverse passes, and many other opportunities for Fields to connect on a deep ball down the field. In a small sample size, I think we see Fields’ athletic explosiveness combined with enough passing efficiency to make the Steelers front office comfortable with making him the 2025 starter.

Kyle Allen

Starts: 0
Pass Attempts: 2
Completions: 1
Passing Yards: 5
Yards Per Attempt: 5.0
Touchdowns: 0
Interceptions: 0

If Russell Wilson misses a game, as I am predicting, Kyle Allen likely dresses as the QB2, and if the Steelers pull out to a comfortable lead by the fourth quarter, Allen may get to lead the team on a drive or two to close out the game.

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