The Falcons were dumb for drafting Michael Penix Jr. in the first round

Few teams have drawn universal criticism for how they went about their business in the just-completed 2024 NFL Draft, but the Atlanta Falcons are one of them. The marks that the pundits have given Atlanta are pretty bad, but if I had to put a grade on it, I’d use four letters: D.U.M.B. Why? Mainly… read more

It’s hard to believe Bill Belichick needs to interview with any team

Like most crazed sports fans, I always get alerts on my phone or laptop (so many sports alerts). The one that popped up on my phone the other day–“The Falcons are set to interview Bill Belichick”–just looked so wild to me. It just seemed completely random. First off, I didn’t have “Bill Belichick coaching the… read more


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