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Film Room: To get vertical, the NFL’s best offenses are thinking horizontally

This subject was discussed in detail on the most recent episode of my NFL podcast, “The Call Sheet.” Check it out at the bottom of this article: When Hal Mumme got the head coaching job at the University of Kentucky in 1997, he took one look at the Wildcats’ schedule and realized something had to… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Talking Point: Le’Veon Bell apologizes to Steelers fans, does it matter?

When Pittsburgh Steelers fans think about the “Killer B” era, it all revolves around the three players who made the offense click. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell Despite the massive amount of talent on the offensive side of the ball, the “Killer Bs” never produced anything other than a playoff berth. They never… read more

2023 NFL Draft 1st Round picks who haven’t signed their rookie deals

It is hard to believe NFL training camps are slated to kick off in just a few days, but what might be an even bigger surprise are the number of 1st Round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft who have yet to sign their rookie contracts. Compared to other years, most draft picks have already… read more

DeAndre Hopkins returns to the AFC, signing with the Titans

When it comes to high profile players still on the open market, not many were larger than former Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. After being released by the Cardinals, due to salary cap reasons, Hopkins shopped around a multitude of teams before making his decision. The last report was the teams… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

The best receivers from 2022 the Steelers are set to face in 2023

Yesterday we took a look at the top rushers from 2022 who are scheduled to face the Steelers in 2023 (check that out HERE). Continuing down this path, today it’s time to check out the wide receivers who are on the Steelers schedule this season who finished toward the top of the yardage standings last… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

A Letter From the Editor: The biggest concern about the 2023 Steelers

Anyone who has ever listened to one of my “Let’s Ride” podcasts knows how much I absolutely despise the word “potential” when it comes to sports. During my 13 years as a head high school boys lacrosse coach in Maryland, people in and around the community would always ask me, “Hey coach! How’s the team… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

History would be different if the Steelers didn’t cut Johnny Unitas

If you ask most Steelers historians what the greatest mistake in franchise history was, they’ll likely tell you it was the organization’s decision to cut quarterback Johnny Unitas in training camp just prior to the 1955 regular season. Unitas then spent a year working in the real world, while also playing semi-pro football for the… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Should Najee Harris be in line for a second contract?

The Pittsburgh Steelers liked Najee Harris enough in the 2021 NFL Draft they selected him with their first round draft pick. At one time, this would be considered conventional thought, but with the devaluing of the running back position many saw the selection of the Alabama standout back as a reach. After two full seasons… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

How successful have the Steelers been in shootouts?

On the most recent episode of The Steelers Preview Podcast, I asked the trivia question of how many games the Pittsburgh Steelers have won in franchise history, regular season and postseason, where both teams scored at least 30 points. Being what I consider a shoot-out, Jeff had a very good guess of 25 games but… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Fans are acting like the Steelers playoff drought began yesterday

Steelers fans are on here acting like the team’s playoff drought just began yesterday. Excuse me for making my first sentence at FFSN seem like a Tweet. I guess it’s because I spend a lot of time on Twitter watching Steelers fans argue about things. One of those things is the team’s lack of playoff… read more


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