The Royals Won the Draft’s Worst-Case Scenario

The Royals won the draft lottery.  This is the worst-case scenario. After posting a franchise-worst record of 106 losses, the Royals have the “luxury” of picking 6th overall in the 2024 MLB Draft.  There are many problems with this.  First, the obvious: it’s four picks lower than what they “deserve” to pick; as in, the… read more

Top 5 Royals Trade Candidates

In my last article, I discussed my top free agent targets based on various criteria.  I also acknowledged the free agent market is very weird and shallow this season, which only makes things harder for the Royals.  This could necessitate some creativity from the front office, swapping talent with other teams to strengthen the roster. … read more

Top 5 Free Agent Picks for the Royals

Over the last several years, the Royals have seemed to try every possible option to win games.  They’ve held on to their best players and acquired top-end talent through high draft picks; they’ve also traded away their best players and taken weird, quirky talents in the draft.  They’ve been limited in free agent signings but… read more


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