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Why QB Joe Milton could be drafted by the Cleveland Browns

On Thursday April 25, 2024, through Saturday April 27, 2024, in Detroit Michigan the NFL will hold its annual College Football Draft. Many experts and pundits have and will submit mock drafts and player profiles. Much speculation comes when players visit prospective teams. Even though the Cleveland Browns don’t have a first-round pick for the third straight year. Speculation still follows the team.

Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Joe Milton has a visit scheduled with the Cleveland Browns this week. With the Browns already having four quarterbacks under contract, this news has raised some eyebrows. Deshaun Watson, Jameis Winston, Ty Huntley, and Dorian Thomson-Robinson are under contract for the Cleveland Browns. But using a draft pick on Joe Milton would not be for an immediate team need but it will be for a future need.

Joe Milton turned 24 years old last month and is 6’5” and 236 lbs. He has a cannon for an arm and off the chart’s athletic ability. He does lack touch and timing with his throws. He would be a good developmental quarterback on a roster. He may take a few years in the NFL to start reaching his full potential. Which would lead to asking why would the Cleveland Browns invest a draft pick in a developmental quarterback?

The honest answer is that Milton would be looked at as a Deshaun Watson insurance policy. The Browns have Watson under contract for three more years. And the last two years have been disappointing due to suspension and injuries. If Watson does not live up to his contract and what the Browns have given up for him?  The team would need a backup plan for its future. A quarterback developed under a rookie contract would be the answer. He is projected as a day 3 draft pick. He could be picked in the third round just on his physical tools alone. Maybe that is what the Cleveland Browns have in mind too?


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