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Ranking the 2023 NFL: AFC Divisions

The NFL offseason is the longest in that of professional sports, and yet it is the NFL which is the most captivating from a year-round perspective. When you think about it, it really is amazing. Let’s take a look at the cyclical aspect of the NFL:

  • NFL Regular season ends
  • NFL Playoffs
  • Super Bowl

One month off

  • New League Year begins/NFL Free Agency
  • NFL Draft
  • Offseason Workouts
  • Minicamps

6 weeks off

  • Training Camps start
  • Preseason
  • Regular Season begins

When looking at it this way, it becomes crystal clear how the league has become so popular over the last decade. It rarely is out of the news.

With that said, right now we are in the 6 week off lull before camps begin, and this is when fans and media outlets love to do rankings. Here at FFSN we wanted to get in on the fray, and start by ranking the divisions, based on conference. Today, we look at the American Football Conference (AFC).

Which division tops the list? Let’s take a look, and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below this article!

1. AFC North

Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers

Some might argue about the AFC North being at the top of the list for these rankings, but when you look at the division from top-to-bottom it is hard to see it isn’t the most complete, and competitive, division in the AFC. Just looking at the quarterbacks for the division, you can see how difficult it will be this year (Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, and Kenny Pickett). Throw in the defenses in the division and you can see why they top the list. This division very well might beat each other to a pulp this season.

2. AFC East

Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins

It was a toss-up for the second spot, and I went with the AFC East after Aaron Rodgers came over via trade with the Packers. Say what you want about his off-field behavior, Rodgers immediately improves the Jets’ offense. The Bills are the Bills, and the Dolphins are an elite team if Tua can stay healthy. No one really knows about the Patriots, but if Bill Belichick has proven anything in his time, it is that they will be competitive. The AFC East will be tough sledding in 2023.

3. AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers
Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos

Last year when Russell Wilson came to the AFC West after the Seahawks traded him to Denver everyone thought the AFC West would be the toughest division in football. Yeah, about that. The Chargers were ridiculously average, again, the Raiders and Derek Carr were under-performing, and Wilson flat out stunk. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl, but if 2022 is any indication as to how tough the AFC West will be, it won’t be as difficult as advertised.

4. AFC South

Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans

The AFC South being in the basement was a no-brainer for me. When you have C.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson, both rookies, quarterbacking half of the division, it waters things down a lot. I do believe the Jaguars will be competent this year, but the Titans have the look of a dud. Overall, this is one of the weakest divisions in the NFL, not just the AFC.


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