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Now the Real Work Begins for The Cleveland Browns

Last week the Cleveland Browns gave contract extensions to General Manager Andrew Berry and Head Coach Kevin Stefanski. This was expected since the recent success of the 2023 Cleveland Browns season, this was despite the injuries and adversity. For the first time since the expansion era of 1999 the Cleveland Browns are exhibiting continuity and stability.  But the hardest work has just begun for the organization.

In 2020 when both Berry and Stefanski were hired in their respective roles, the expectations for the Cleveland Browns were low. I can recall local reporters and experts predicting how long they will last with the Browns. At that time the average length of tenure for a Cleveland Browns Head Coach and General Manager was 2 years. The constant turnover and lack of stability translated to an awful on field product. But now in 2024 things have changed.

With the extensions of both Berry and Stefanski the expectations have been raised by everyone. Much like our division rivals in Baltimore and Pittsburgh, just being good or alright will not be acceptable. In 2024 Cleveland Browns fans are expecting more than just a winning season or a playoff berth. They are expecting a deep playoff run.  That is easier said than done in the AFC North.

It is an unfortunate fact that the Cleveland Browns currently reside in the toughest division in football. The AFC North in 2024 will be a dogfight. Division games will be the most important in determining a division champion. It will be a true test to the survival of the fittest. The 2024 AFC North Division Champion could very well be the AFC number 1 playoff seed. The last time the Cleveland Browns got home field advantage in the playoffs was 1986.

This current Cleveland Browns roster is special. If the team stays relatively healthy in 2024, a playoff run is not out of the realm of possibility. The Cleveland Browns expectations are set for this season. With mandatory minicamp this week. The real work must now be done to translate to success on the field. And for the 2024 Cleveland Browns success is the only option. And the only option with no excuses.


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