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If the Washington Commanders change their name, what should it be?

When it comes to life in the NFL, it is an ever-changing, and ever-evolving, from top-to-bottom. Teams will undergo new ownership, and with new ownership many things can change.

Coaching changes

Roster changes

Name changes?

That’s right, Friday it was announced the sale of the Washington Commanders was complete, ending the Daniel Snyder era in Washington. With the new group taking over, they were asked if they would ever consider changing the name of the organization.

They said it’s a possibility.

Once called the Washington Redskins, the team decided to drop the Redskins due to its connotations towards Native Americans. What came from the decision was a change to…

The Washington Football Team

It was always viewed as temporary, and the organization eventually settled on the Washington Commanders as their new name/mascot. Was the new name embraced by the fan base? Far from it. In fact, many fans of the Washington football organization stated they’d rather they just kept it as the Washington Football Team instead of going with the Commanders.

Nonetheless, with the new ownership taking over they seem to be open to a name change. What could the name be? What would you, an NFL football fan, want to see this storied franchise call themselves? The one thing the Washington organization wants to do is have a knee-jerk reaction to something like a new name. Think about the branding, and the struggles they’ve already had with the name of Commanders.

What say you? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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