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How the Cleveland Browns can start the 2024 season 3-0

It’s early June in the off season and many NFL reporters, pundits and analysts are covering Organized Team Activities all around the NFL. Every catch and throw made in helmets and shorts are meticulously analyzed by everyone. The Cleveland Browns are no different with this over analysis at this point in the off season. I prefer to take a different approach with this time to foreshadow the upcoming season.

Recently I did articles about the Browns first two games of the 2024 season. I made the point with both games being favorable to the Cleveland Browns. This is based on recent history and tendencies. It is likely that the Cleveland Browns could start the 2024 season 2-0. The Cleveland Browns 3rd game of the 2024 season is at home against the New York Giants. Again, on paper this is a favorable matchup for Cleveland.

The New York Giants finished the 2023 season with a 6-11 record. They were 2-7 on the road as well. They are not projected to be a playoff caliber team. However, in NFL anything can happen on any given Sunday. In 2023 the Giants had the 27th ranked defense in the NFL and the 29th ranked offense. They lost their star running back Saquan Barkley to free agency. He ended up signing with the division rival Philadelphia Eagles. By all accounts, the Cleveland Browns with a top ranked NFL defense should be heavily favored in this game. But what would it mean for the Cleveland Browns to start the 2024 season 3-0?

The last time the Browns went 3-0 was in 1993.  They finished that season with a 7-9 record and missed the playoffs. Statistically going 3-0 to start your season gives your team a 75% chance of making the playoffs. Transversely going 0-3 gives your team a 25% of making the playoffs. By starting the 2024 season with a 3-0 record it is no guarantee that the Cleveland Browns will make the playoffs. But, it puts them in the best possible position to.


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