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Dan Quinn Last NFL Head Coach Named, Was It a Forced Move?

The biggest question being asked on social media is if the hiring of Dan Quinn for the Washington Commanders was a forced move for the organization. This is due to the recent high profile candidates such as two top-tier NFL offensive coordinators in Texans, Bobby Slowik, and Lions, Ben Johnson, both of whom decided it would be best to stay put in their current roles for the 2024 season.

Honestly, I have always been a big fan of Dan Quinn and what he provides in the coaching world. He is someone who is a leader of men, he can most definitely coach a defensive unit, and has had prior success in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons as their head coach.

The only caveat is Quinn will always be remembered as the head football coach who blew a 28-3 Super Bowl lead against the New England Patriots.

It is time for Quinn to lead another organization and finally prove that the Super Bowl blunder should not be something he is remembered for. He has a prime opportunity to take the success he has instilled with the Dallas Cowboys defense over the last three seasons and take the scheme to a team whose defense was putrid down the stretch.

Before Quinn was hired on with the Cowboys, the team employed Mike Nolan as their defensive coordinator. Nolan was eventually fired and then Quinn came in and changed the entire defensive culture. The Cowboys ranked a combined fifth in points and seventh in yards, and under Quinn’s leadership, the Cowboys led the NFL with 93 forced turnovers.

From 2018-2020, the team recorded 109 sacks, ranking 20th in the NFL, and registered 26 total interceptions, which was tied with the third fewest.

After Quinn arrived (2020-2023), the team recorded 137 sacks, tied for third in the NFL, and registered 56 total interceptions, the highest in the league.

The Washington Commanders are seeking a playoff berth for the first time since the COVID-19 season where they nearly defeated the soon-to-be Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Commanders fell 31-23 and finished the season with a 7-10 record.

With a strong nucleus already in place, the Commanders are potentially just a solid draft away from once again strongly competing in games. With this hiring of Quinn, expect him to bring in quality offensive minded coaches, to help with a quarterback who showed flashes of success in 2023. Sam Howell is someone who I have watched and if he is given a strong defense that can hold it’s own, it will take less pressure off of him and he may be the answer at quarterback. If not, the team could draft a quarterback and start fresh for Quinn and company. Either way, there should be excitement from the organization and the fans for the new upcoming season.

While the team finished with a 4-13 record, last in the NFC East, there is something to look forward to with Quinn taking on the challenge. He is the type of coach who has always had a quality offensive staff, and I do not see that changing. He employed Kyle Shanahan and the Falcons offense was one of the best and led them all the way to the Super Bowl.

For all of those fans and social media individuals who dislike this selection and say it was forced, due to Slowik and Johnson wanting to stay put, I think that Quinn could have been the man all along. Sometimes in the NFL you want an individual with prior head coaching experience. Quinn has a 43-42 record and is 3-2 in the playoffs.

It is not always a bad thing for an organization trying to rebuild to have someone who is well-respected and can bring quality coaches in the building. It is not always a bad thing for your new head football coach to be a strong leader who players just absolutely want to play for. Coach Quinn is someone who the Commanders wanted and it was not a forced move.

What are your thoughts on the Washington Commanders’ decision to hire Dan Quinn? Do you think it was the right move for the team’s future, or do you think it could put them back a few years? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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