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Brian Burns Trade Compensation Latest Questionable Move By Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are in full rebuild mode and with the latest trade of their star pass rusher Brian Burns, the organization’s goal is to receive compensation to better their football team but that hasn’t gone as planned according to the fanbase.

Burns is very reliable defender who makes impact plays when called upon and the Panthers should have received a better compensation package for the defender. Just a week prior to the first day of the legal tampering period, the Los Angeles Rams were willing to give up two first round picks for Burns but the two organizations could not come to an agreement. Burns then gets traded to the New York Giants for far less than what the Panthers should have received – a second round draft pick in 2024 and a fifth round 2025 draft pick.

This truly shouldn’t shock anyone as this is the same organization that traded Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore and now Brian Burns for very minimal return value all while they were 26 years old or younger. These are the type of athletes who you build your organization around.

Burns signed with the Giants and received a whopping five-year $150 million deal with $87.5 million guaranteed. But the biggest question mark remains – should we continue to trust the Carolina Panthers organization led by owner David Tepper? One famous fan shared his frustration on social media following the trade – country singer Luke Combs.

Combs questioned the Panthers and their recent moves and is frustrated with what has been occurring over the last several seasons. Should we blame him though? As an NFL football fan, I can without a doubt mention that the lack of worthy compensation for these Panthers players over the years most certainly has been “slow torture” as Combs put it.

The organization has been rebuilding for what seems like a decade now even though it has been a much shorter timeframe. The fanbase has begun to raise concerns for the events that have occurred over the last several seasons and rightfully so.

While the Burns trade is the latest questionable move by the Panthers organization, the only good thing that the Panthers have heading into the NFL draft and the regular season is the youth and energy that will be provided by new head coach Dave Canales.

I am a firm believer that Canales is the type of individual that can turn the ship around and even win seven games this season, which would be a step in the right direction. The biggest improvement must be the development of franchise quarterback Bryce Young. If he gets developed properly, all of the other pieces will begin to fall in place.

We will have to see if the Panthers continue to stockpile draft picks and if the compensation they receive gets any better over the next several weeks. If not, the draft must be a slam dunk in order to get this organization back on the right track and into the winning column.


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