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Bills WR Curtis Samuel named ‘player to root for’ in 2024 – Will he succeed?

The NFL offseason can be extremely long with many different storylines that can captivate or anger fans. For Buffalo Bills new wide receiver Curtis Samuel, his arrival may be just what the Bills have been looking for.

Last month, NFL sports writer Tom Blair wrote a piece titled ‘One player to root for from each AFC/NFC team’. Within the article, Blair gives his explanation as to why the named player is one to root for and what they bring to the organization in 2024. The Bills’ selection by Blair was new veteran receiver Curtis Samuel, who just arrived in Buffalo this offseason on a three-year $24 million contract.

Samuel is heading into his eighth season, and provides the Bills with a veteran presence who can help mold younger athletes on the roster, especially rookie receiver Keon Coleman.

Blair discusses the impact that quarterback Josh Allen will have on Samuel, who throughout his NFL career has yet to have a true franchise quarterback at the helm.

Samuel has lived firmly outside of the spotlight through most of his career. Buffalo might be facing an uncertain immediate future, but it’s nothing compared to the general futility Samuel dealt with for most of his time in Carolina and Washington. Now he can be the veteran offensive linchpin who helps Josh Allen and Co. continue to compete even after shedding players like Stefon Diggs. As much as I love a good journeyman career marked by respectable production in chaotic environments, it would be great to see Samuel truly unlocked by offensive coordinator Joe Brady, under whom the receiver hit personal highs with the Panthers in 2020 (118 touches, 1,051 scrimmage yards).  

Mentioning offensive coordinator Joe Brady and how he unlocks potential from players is something that should excite Bills Mafia. Brady will absolutely utilize the talent around the organization and enhance the team’s offensive outlook and performance.

We all witnessed the improvement after Ken Dorsey was relieved of his duties as the play-caller and Brady stepped in. It was a night and day change, one that benefitted many of the play-making receivers on the roster, and Allen the most. Having a full offseason of preparation and knowing which athletes Brady and the staff wants, the Bills are in a better place from a season ago.

Samuel’s arrival makes him one to root for due to his strong production throughout his career all while having no true future franchise quarterback. An aging Cam Newton and the carousel that the Washington Football Team/ Commanders had at the signal-caller position really did not give him any favors. He stayed the course and remained a consistent offensive threat when healthy and that is all one can ask for.

These are the main reasons why I can see how Blair gave him the ‘player to root for’ tagline as we head into 2024; it also is the reason why I think Samuel will have a breakout year and inch his way toward his first 1,000 yard NFL season, his closest being 851 yards in 2020 with the Carolina Panthers.


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