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Are training camp fights a part of the NFL process?

The game of football is not just oozing with testosterone, but also a game which pits two men vs. one another on an every play basis.

Whether it’s wide receiver vs. defensive back, or offensive lineman vs. defensive lineman, it is the only sport of its kind. In other words, there is a collision on every play, with no exceptions. When you are getting ready for the season, and players are fighting for their professional lives, things can get heated.

In other words, camp fights are about the ensue.

But are these fights a guarantee? Or are they somehow avoidable?

In the past few weeks with NFL training camps in full-swing, fans have seen several camp fights/scuffles break out. Like this one at Kansas City Chiefs camp when All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce threw a punch at a teammate.

Or this fight at Cleveland Browns camp  which drew a lot of attention as being hilarious, when it comes to how the fight starts, but turns ugly in a hurry when one of the two players involved doesn’t find anything too humorous.

Are these camp fights destined to happen? Are they almost a guarantee? That’s tough to figure out in most instances, but it also begs the question on if they are avoidable, how could that possibly happen?

That is the topic of the latest “Opinion or Fact” podcast co-hosted by Jeff Hartman and Wesley Coleman. Who’s to blame for these fights taking place? Why don’t these things tend to happen in other major sports leagues?

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and check out the latest podcast in the player directly under this article.

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