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49ers HC Kyle Shanahan Should Begin to Evaluate Himself

With the recent Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs 25-22, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan began to adjust his coaching staff after not winning the big game. His first move was to fire defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, in what was considered a very questionable move.

Wilks has a history of being the scapegoat for organizations and does not deserve the scrutiny that he receives. Just several months prior, I wrote an article on several reasons why Wilks could be in line for a head coaching position in the NFL.

Some reasons for him being a potential candidate were due to the following:

  1. Prior Experience
  2. Leader of Men
  3. Strong Football IQ

At the time of this article posting, the 49ers just got over their three game losing streak and Wilks and his defensive staff figured out how to record victories once again through their new adjustments.

The 49ers made it all the way to the Super Bowl and if it wasn’t for Wilks and his halftime adjustments in the NFC Championship Game, the Detroit Lions would have made it to the Super Bowl to face off against the Chiefs.

I, for one, was not only shocked to hear about Wilks being fired, but it also sounded the alarm on 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan and how he needs to begin to evaluate himself.

Shanahan and Wilks both are very confident leaders who have strong opinions on football and their personnel. It was reported that both of these men and their visions did not align and that is the reason for Wilks’ departure from the organization. If so, that is a valid reason for the most part. However, if Shanahan looked into Wilks and talked with prior head coaches and organizations, he would know the type of coach he is. Wilks demands the very best out of his players and does not sugar coat things.

Kyle Shanahan should have known this.

He stood there are hoped that Wilks would change and coach in a similar manner as DeMeco Ryans did during his time with the 49ers.

That was not going to work. Wilks does not change for nobody. He even said this in an interview when he was with the Carolina Panthers as their interim head coach.

Shanahan Should Evaluate Himself:

Coach Shanahan disagrees with the perception that he can’t win a big game. That is the title of a recent ProFootballTalk article that discusses his coaching abilities and how he fails to adjust or adapt in the biggest game of his career – The Super Bowl.

It goes on to discuss how Shanahan lost to Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, one Hall of Fame quarterback and another soon-to-be when it is all said to done. Between both quarterbacks there are 10 Super Bowl victories, but that is not completely the case.

Shanahan’s offense in Super Bowl LI failed to adjust in the second half and he did not run the football like he should have. The Patriots forced overtime and came back after being down 28-3.

He has had double-digit leads in all three Super Bowls as an offensive play caller and/or head coach and is 0-3 in all of these games. His adjustments during the second half of these games do not work properly and he continues to scapegoat other coaches during the process.

As a person, especially a football coach in the NFL, one needs to look at their past mistakes and not let these mistakes come alive again. In the case of Kyle Shanahan, he continues not to learn from his mistakes and that is a recipe for disaster.

It is honestly time for Coach to begin to look into the mirror and not scapegoat other coaches on his staff for losing these Super Bowls. Having a double-digit lead and then losing it three times is not only extremely rare, but is also has a lot to do with the offensive production and lack thereof.

Until Shanahan takes ownership and accountability, the 49ers are going to struggle to get over the hump and win their sixth Super Bowl title. It is obvious that Shanahan is a great offensive coordinator and can scheme his way to victories, but when it comes to being a head coach, some decisions he has made left the team in a vulnerable position… one that they just can’t seem to get past.


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