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3 Reasons Why the Chicago Bears on Hard Knocks is Must-See TV

The long-time popular HBO Original series Hard Knocks, which features an NFL organization and their day-to-day operations during training camp, returns with the Chicago Bears on August 6.

The news caught social media by surprise, with many fans being perplexed that the organization would accept the bid to be on Hard Knocks. I, however, had a feeling it could be a possibility as the Chicago Bears have a lot of hype surrounding their program for the first time in a very long time

With the addition of first overall pick Caleb Williams, the team hopes that he turns out to be a generational talent who can turn the tide and provide Championships in the coming years. The foundation has been set by head coach Matt Eberflus, and the growth in each year during the rebuild has been promising.

Let’s discuss three reasons why the Bears being on Hard Knocks this summer is must-see tv.

1. Caleb Williams’ Development

The very first reason is the development of franchise quarterback Caleb Williams. The former USC Trojan has the keys to the franchise and must develop this summer during training camp. With a new offensive coordinator and many strong offensive weapons, Williams must show growth each week. While it may not be pretty during the early camp days, as long as he learns from his mistakes and applies himself to be better, the offensive production should be an upgrade from a season ago.

Williams’ development is something that should get fans excited, and if he struggles early and often, that is must-see tv for all of the social media “haters” who focus on the downfall of a person. Either way, Williams is the center piece and it is his show, which will make viewers tune in each week.

2. Inside Coach Eberflus and his Staff’s Philosophies 

Earlier in the offseason I wrote an article on Bears head coach Matt Eberflus and how despite the recent criticism, he is well-liked in the locker room by his players and coaching staff. We finally get to see coach and how he communicates with his players and his coaching staff.

Eberflus has a strong defensive mind and is someone who has a swagger about him now. He has grown out his beard and is in a stage of his coaching career where he is going to lean on his staff and rely on his players to make plays. We finally will get to see how he commands the room and how his players respond to the staffs different coaching styles.

3. Team Chemistry Being Built 

A very important aspect to the show will be how the team’s chemistry is being built. With an entirely new offense from the ground level up, there will be growing pains that will occur on the show. It will be interesting to see how the offense grows and how the new teammates build the chemistry with one another on and off the field.


Ultimately, it will be up to you and your household if you want to pay for the streaming platform Max (formerly HBO Max), but there is without a doubt going to be a lot of drama and intrigue with the Bears this season.

I am personally going to subscribe to the platform for Hard Knocks and I just hope that the team lives up to the hype that is currently being displayed.


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