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2024 FFSN NFL Draft Big Board: Running Back Rankings and Analysis

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting closer by the day, and Fans First Sports Network is here to give you the best draft analysis anywhere! Between now and the NFL Draft, we will reveal our NFL Draft big board, one position at a time. Today, we will continue with the EDGE rushers.

Those of you who know us from Behind the Steel Curtain may remember our BTSC Big Board we did the past three years, and we are excited to have a good portion of the crew back to do it here at FFSN. The board will be my comprised of my personal rankings, player stats, and scouting reports for all early-round prospects. Stats are compiled by community member SNW, and scouting reports come from a collaborative effort of myself, Jeremy Betz, Shannon White, Adam Curry, Noah_E., Nolan Keck, skyfire322, and Necksnation.

For each position, we will give a positional ranking, my overall round ranking, previous season stats, and an in-depth scouting report for each early and mid-round round prospect. We hope this will be a helpful resource for you as you become familiarized with draft prospects that your team may be looking at.

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2024 FFSN NFL Draft Big Board: EDGE Rankings and Scouting Reports

Note: All stats and analysis are unedited from what the original contributor submitted.

1. Jonathan Brooks | Texas | 6’ 0“, 199 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 11, Att 187, Yds 1139, Av 6.1, TD 10, Rec 25, Yds 286, TD 1.
Jeremy Betz: Brooks is an impressive runner with great vision and contact balance to go along with high-end athleticism at the RB position. Brooks is at his best on outside runs where he can use his vision and quickness to attack the hole and get to the 2nd level. He is coming off ACL surgery after his 2023 season was cut short, but he’s young and didn’t have a huge collegiate workload playing behind Bijan Robinson and Roschon Johnson in 2022 before stepping into the starting lineup last season. Brooks should thrive in multiple systems but would best fit in an outside zone system at the next level.

2. Jaylen Wright | Tennessee | 5‘ 11“, 200 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 12, Att 137, Yds 1013, Av 7.4, TD 4, Rec 22, Yds 141, TD 0.
Nolan Keck: One of the most athletic running backs of this class, 20 year old Jaylen Wright made the decision to forgo his Senior year in an attempt to be the first running back off the board this year, and he may just do that. He was super fast in the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine, and his size and strength make him an enticing prospect for both explosiveness and blocking. He led the Vols in rushing as a sophomore in 2022 without even starting. This NFL-caliber athlete without a lot of wear and tear would translate well to a Zone scheme in the NFL. The Steelers used more power and draw run types last season, so it will be interesting to see if they allow for more zone tendencies within their running game. Either way, Jaylen Wright is projected as a day two prospect.

3. Blake Corum | Michigan | 5‘ 8“, 200 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 2nd
2023 Stats: GP 15, Att 258, Yds 1245, Av 4.8, TD 27, Rec 16, Yds 117, TD 1.
Andrew Wilbar: Corum is simply made of different stuff. One of the most consistent backs in the country, Corum was relied on heavily during Michigan’s championship run, leading the lethal Michigan running attack and racking up unfathomable numbers in the process. Corum reminds me a lot of Steelers running back Jaylen Warren, except Corum has the talent to be a full-time starter. His compact build, physical running style, and short-area burst are areas in which Corum compares similarly to Warren. What makes him a rich-man’s version of Warren is his situational awareness, power, and ability to make sharp cuts cleanly upfield. He seems to have made a full recovery from his 2022 knee injury as well, which should give teams a bode of confidence as the consider him on Day 2.

4. Trey Benson | Florida State | 6‘ 1“, 211 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 13, Att 156, Yds 906, Av 5.8, TD 14, Rec 20, Yds 227, TD 1.
Jeremy Betz: Speed, burst, and power all define the running style of the former Seminoles star. One of the few backs in this class who projects as a true workhorse player at the position, Benson should be able to make an impact early on in his NFL career. Benson is electric with the ball in his hands, operating best as a one-cut runner with breakaway ability. A solid pass-catcher, Benson won’t beat you down the field as a route-runner, but can be a big time weapon in the screen game and taking swing passes out of the backfield.

5. MarShawn Lloyd | USC | 5‘ 9“, 215 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Early 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 11, Att 116, Yds 820, Av 7.1, TD 9, Rec 13, Yds 232, TD 0.
Andrew Wilbar: Lloyd was not extremely involved as a pass catcher in college, but he looked good catching passes in Indy at the combine, which was perhaps the single-most important thing he did to boost his stock this offseason. Albeit on a mediocre workload, Lloyd was incredibly efficient as a runner in Lincoln Riley’s pass-heavy scheme, averaging over 7 yards per carry. A transfer from South Carolina, Lloyd changed his running style when transferring to a new system, transitioning from a straight-to-the-hole, power-running style to a more patient approach, waiting for his blocks to develop. Granted, he did not have a good enough offensive line in 2022 with the Gamecocks in order to play that style. He is not the strongest pass protector, but he can at least identify where he needs to pick up a pass-rusher in pass protection. Securing the football consistently in between the tackles is an area he could still improve in, but I believe one could make the argument he should be the first running back off the board. He has starter upside from Day 1.

6. Braelon Allen | Wisconsin | 6‘ 1“, 238 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 11, Att 181, Yds 984, Av 5.4, TD 12, Rec 28, Yds 132, TD 0.
Jeremy Betz: Allen is a big, bruising back who prefers to initiate contact with defenders rather than run away from it. He has limited top end speed, but enough athleticism to bounce of defenders and turn 2 yard gains into 12. My NFL comp is AJ Dillon. Not a breakaway runner or an exceptionally agile back, but Allen could have a nice career as a complimentary short-yardage back, providing the thunder to someone else’s lightning.

7. Will Shipley | Clemson | 5‘ 11“, 200 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 12, Att 167, Yds 827, Av 5.0, TD 5, Rec 31, Rec 244, Yds 7.9, TD 2.
Andrew Wilbar: Shipley was once talked up as a running back who could be a future first-round selection, but after flying under the radar on a couple underperforming Clemson teams, I actually have to say he is a bit underrated. No matter his yearly workload, Shipley consistently managed to average at least 5 yards per carry due to his superior contact balance and agility in the open field. Shipley is also an explosive receiver out of the backfield, displaying good hands and running with urgency after the catch. He is not an elite pass blocker, nor does he have much success in short-yardage situations, but I still see him as a guy who could compete for an RB1 role down the line.

8. Isaac Guerendo | Louisville | 6‘ 0“, 219 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 3rd
2023 Stats: GP 14, Att 132, Yds 810, Av 6.1, TD 11, Rec 22, Yds 234, TD 0.
Jeremy Betz: Maybe the most athletic RB to ever enter the draft, Guerendo is an impressive blend of speed and power, with the ability to take any touch to the house, but also the ability to grind out the tough yards at the next level. One of my favorite players in the draft, I believe the former Louiville back has 3-down upside at the next level. Team’s could also find a role for him early on as an impact return man, especially with the NFL’s new Kickoff rules. Guerendo needs to improve his field vision and patience to allow blocks to develop, but once he hits the hole, the defense is immediately on it’s heels.

9. Re’Mahn Davis | Kentucky | 5‘ 9“, 217 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 4th
2023 Stats: GP 13, Att 199, Yds 1129, Av 5.7, TD 14, Rec 33, Yds 323, TD 9.8.
Jeremy Betz: A short but powerful back, Davis runs with the type of reckless abandon that coaches will love. He’s a tough runner between the tackles, but can struggle to separate on the edge. Not anyone’s definition of a home-run hitter, but Davis does bring solid pass-catching ability to go along with a will-not-be-denied attitude with the ball in his hands. I like Davis to be a solid 3rd down back early on in his career, but I don’t see a lot of upside for Davis to become much more than that.

10. Rasheen Ali | Marshall | 6‘ 0“, 200 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Mid 4th
2023 Stats: GP 12, Att 212, Yds 1135, Av 5.4, TD 15, Rec 28, Yds 213, TD 1.
Andrew Wilbar: Ali is not a huge back, but he is feisty through contact and difficult to bring down in the open field. He is a slippery runner who only needs the smallest crack to break off a big run. Coming off a biceps injury, Ali will need a good medical report in order to secure his draft stock as a Day 3 pick, but either way, the talent is undeniable. Running backs are graded differently on a per-team basis more than most other positions, simply because the play style of each running back is so incredibly different. With that being said, I could see Ali going as high as Round 4 due to his balance as both a runner and receiver, but he could easily get lost in the shuffle and fall as far as undrafted free agency. His combination of vision, smarts, and contact balance have me excited about him, but it is hard to tell if the NFL sees him the same way.

11. Kimani Vidal | Troy | 5‘ 8“, 215 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 4th
2023 Stats: GP 14, Att 297, Yds 1661, Av 5.6, TD 14, Rec 18, Yds 201, TD 1.
Andrew Wilbar: Vidal has certainly been used heavily throughout his time in college, rushing for over 4,000 yards in a four-year span. Despite the large workload, Vidal remained an efficient entity, averaging over five yards per carry in the same time span. Some may be lukewarm on Vidal when considering the tread he has already put on the tires, but that is not a major concern for me, considering the already-short shelf life of a running back. My greater concern lies in the fact that he is a subpar pass-blocker. If he wants to acquire a role as a rookie in the NFL, he must focus on that over the next few months, as that will greatly hinder his ability on third downs. As a pure runner, I like his toughness in between the tackles, and he displays good hands as a receiver. Once we get to Day 3, I have no issues with a team pulling the trigger on this guy.

12. Bucky Irving | Oregon | 5‘ 10“, 190 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 4th
2023 Stats: GP 14, Att 186, Yds 1180, Av 6.3, TD 11, Rec 56, Yds 413, TD 2.
Noah_E: Bucky Irving is extremely fun to watch. His speed and elusiveness make him a homerun threat whenever he touches the ball. His change of direction is superb and he plays low to the ground, making it hard to tackle him and easy for him to run right through people. Irving has phenomenal contact balance and you’ll rarely see him go down without a fight. His vision definitely needs work and he’s a poor blocker. However, his ability as a receiver is arguably the best in the class and takes his game to another level. His  explosiveness both as a runner and receiver is very impressive. I think in the right situation, he could be an absolute stud.

13. Cody Schrader | Missouri | 5‘ 9“, 214 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 4th
2023 Stats: GP 13, Att 276, Yds 1627, Av 5.9, TD 14, Rec 22, Yds 191, TD 0.
Nolan Keck: Winner of the Burlsworth Trophy, which honors the most outstanding player in the nation who began his career as a walk-on, First-Team All-SEC Cody Schrader led the SEC in rushing and finished 2023 with the most single season rushing yards in Mizzou history. A tough, smart back with deceptive quickness and built low to the ground, he has shown a willingness to help out anywhere, even on special teams. Unfortunately he did injure his hamstring during the 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine, but if anyone has the grit and will to do what it takes to overcome and make it in the NFL, it’s Cody Schrader.

14. Tyrone Tracy, Jr. | Purdue | 5‘ 11“, 209 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 4th
2023 Stats: GP 11, Att 113, Yds 716, Av 6.3, TD 8, Rec 19, Yds 132, TD 0.
Nolan Keck: Ranked 2nd in the BIG Ten in both all purpose yards and kick return yards, Tyrone Tracy is a converted wide receiver who played his lone full season as a running back in 2023 with Purdue, showing a willful desire to maximize each run. Already 24 years old, he challenges linebackers downfield, adjusts his body to the underthrown pass and does a solid job of finishing the run by falling forward for extra yardage. He makes the catch with hands close to his body. Very athletic, Tyrone had a 98 yard kickoff return in Purdue’s season opener, their first kickoff return since 2013. Seems destined to make his first impact as a special teamer, but his willingness to maximize every play cannot be overlooked.


15. Frank Gore, Jr. | Southern Miss |
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: Late 4th
2023 Stats: 

16. Jaden Shirden | Monmouth | 5‘ 9“, 195 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 11, Att 221, Yds 1478, Av 6.7, TD 10, Rec 20, Yds 120, TD 1.

17. George Holani | Boise State | 5‘ 11“, 205 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 8, Att 134, Yds 748, Av 5.6, TD 7, Rec 17, Yds 199, TD 0.

18. Audric Estime | Notre Dame | 6‘ 1“, 215 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 12, Att 210, Yds 1341, Av 6.4, TD 18, Rec 17, Yds 142, TD 0.

19. John Emery, Jr. | LSU | 5‘ 11“, 215 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 7, Att 23, Yds 121, Av 5.3, TD 1, Rec 3, Yds 58, TD 0.

20. Jawhar Jordan | Louisville | 5‘ 9“, 172 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 13, Att 181, Yds 1128, Av 6.2, TD 13, Rec 21, Yds 246, TD 1.

21. Keilan Robinson | Texas | 5‘ 9“, 183 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 13, Att 12, Yds 134, Av 11.2, TD 3, Rec 8, Yds 56, TD 0.

22. Dylan Laube | New Hampshire | 5‘ 10“, 208 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP10, Att 160, Yds 749, Av 4.7, TD 9, Rec 68, Yds 699, TD 7.

23. Jase McClellan | Alabama | 5‘ 11“, 212 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 5th
2023 Stats: GP 13, Att 180, Yds 890, Av 4.9, TD 8, Rec 15, Yds 137, TD 0.

24. Dillon Johnson | Washington | 6‘ 0“, 215 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 6th
2023 Stats: GP 14, Att 233, Yds 1195, Av 5.1, TD 16, Rec 24, Yds 190, TD 0.

25. Isaiah Davis | South Dakota State | 6‘ 1“, 220 lbs
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 6th
2023 Stats: GP 15, Att 236, Yds 1578, Av 6.7, TD 18, Rec 23, Yds 199, TD 1.

26. Miyan Williams | Ohio State | 
Wilbar’s Overall Grade: 6th
2023 Stats: 


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