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Jeff Hartman Talks His Love of the Pittsburgh Steelers

When it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers, some things are just in your blood. When I was growing up in Wheeling, WV, roughly 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, Sundays were for two things: Church and Steelers football. Whether that was the order your household honored those two entities depended on the family.

In my house, post-church activities were always surrounding the black-and-gold. I watched the game almost as much for my father’s reaction as I did the game. At a young age I was mesmerized by this game which would make grown men jump, yell, scream and high five each other as if they were somehow participating in the game themselves.

For me, that was just the start.

I quickly became enamored with the game, the players, and the statistics of the game. I was a product of the “Blitzburgh” era in the mid-90s, watching Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene annihilate quarterbacks on their way to multiple AFC Championship games and eventually a Super Bowl.

Throughout it all, I never got to experience a Super Bowl win like my father did four times in six years in the 70s. Every year I become more and more invested, and every year was another let down. Until 2005. That special season was when the team got the ever-elusive “one for the thumb”, and all was right in the world.

Shortly after was when I decided to start taking my love for the team to a new level, and it was by way of me starting to cover the team in my own way. I started a podcast on the NFL with a co-worker which eventually resulted in me doing my own podcasts on all things Pittsburgh sports and starting my own website.

I haven’t stopped covering the team since that time, and I have not only grown as a podcaster and writer, but the experience has had me with several great organizations who all ask me to be the person to deliver the news and break down the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Throughout it all, my love for the team has never waned. I enjoy covering the team from a fan’s perspective. I love the fact I am writing and speaking to people who bleed black-and-gold just like I do. I don’t have to walk a line of neutrality. I want the team to win, and so do all the people who read/listen to my content.

Fans First Sports Network is the perfect match for what I want to do, and the people I want to deliver my message for all things Pittsburgh Steelers. Have I reached the pinnacle? Absolutely not. I want to continue to provide the very best coverage of the Steelers anyone can find anywhere, and make it clear you don’t have to be in the locker room to deliver the coverage fans both want and deserve.

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