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It was perfectly fine that Steelers fans took over Allegiant Stadium

Did you hear the crowd cheering and see those Terrible Towels twirling when the Steelers took the field before their game against the Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday Night Football?

Did you hear them going nuts in the first quarter when quarterback Kenny Pickett found receiver Calvin Austin III for a 72-yard touchdown?

Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo obviously heard the thousands upon thousands of Steelers fans in attendance; the visiting fans were so loud that the Las Vegas offense–the home offense–had to go to a silent count at various points during the game.

And did you hear those Steelers fans cheering and see those towels twirling at the end of Pittsburgh’s 23-18 victory?

It was amazing, baby! That’s what Steelers fans do, dawg! We represent! We take over stuff! We invade your stadium and make it our own, player! No fan base travels like the one that supports the Pittsburgh Steelers!

“To be able to have a team on a silent count in their own stadium is pretty demoralizing in and of itself and it also helps the pass rush more,” linebacker T.J. Watt told the media after the game. “I’m really appreciative of everyone who came out and was loud.”

Yeah, baby!

What was the breakdown in attendance between Steelers fans and Raiders fans at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday night? It had to be at least 50% black and gold. Shoot, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 75% black and gold and 25% silver and black.

Anyway, I wonder what the Raiders fans in attendance and the ones watching from home were thinking while those thousands upon thousands of Steelers fans invaded Allegiant Stadium and made it their own.

Maybe they were thinking it was a shame and an embarrassment. Perhaps they were very critical of their fellow fans. How could so many Raiders season ticket holders sell their tickets to the enemy?

If you’re going to sell your season tickets on the secondary market, you should just give them up so more deserving Raiders fans can buy them and show up and support their team the right way.

Shame! Shame! Shame on you, fairweather silver-and-black-clad fans!

I’m sure there may have been some of that going on in Las Vegas and among those in the Raiders fan base.

We don’t think of it that way when Steelers fans take over an opposing team’s venue. But let that happen at Acrisure Stadium, and all heck breaks loose like it did during Pittsburgh’s Week 1 beatdown at the hands of the 49ers on September 10.

San Francisco fans did just that. They bought thousands of tickets on the secondary market and made Acrisure Stadium roughly 40% red and gold by kickoff. Chants of “Let’s Go, 9ers!” could be heard all afternoon. San Francisco took control of the play early and never really let up. It felt like a 49ers home game by the end, as thousands of quiet and dejected Steelers fans headed for the escaloser, I mean, the escalator.

We were embarrassed, not just by the outcome of the game, but by those Steelers season-ticket holders who, instead of showing up and representing, decided to sell their Week 1 tickets on the secondary market.

What were they thinking? How could they do that? Why not just give up their tickets if they’re going to be so disloyal?

The contrasting reactions by Steeler Nation to the scene at Acrisure Stadium in Week 1 and  Allegiant Stadium in Week 3 would make for a great case study in hypocrisy. I also believe it is what’s known as a double standard.

Or maybe it’s just an example of the pot calling the kettle black and gold. Or would that be silver and black? Or perhaps it’s red and gold.

No matter how you slice it, there is no fan base like the one that supports the Pittsburgh Steelers, baby!


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