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Five Bengals Who Need A Big 2024

Tee Higgins

The Bengals aren’t trading Tee Higgins, they’ve made that abundantly clear through many media sessions and discussions with other teams. The Bengals see more value in keeping Tee for one more year in hopes of a super bowl run rather than receiving compensation via a trade. They’re keeping the band together, thus investing a lot of opportunity cost in Tee in 2024. The Bengals need this investment to pay off and so does Higgins himself if he wants a true wide receiver one payday from the Bengals or elsewhere in the league. If Tee can stay healthy and revert back to his back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons in ’21 and ’22 the Bengals offense could thrive once again with two top tier wide receivers on the outside.

Cordell Volson

Cordell Volson is the weakest link on the Bengals reworked offensive line. As we all know, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. NFL defenses have attacked the Bengals weakest point on their offensive line time and time again to much success. And now with Volson surrounded by NFL veterans with higher pedigree’s, it won’t take long for defenses to find that hole in the wall again. If Volson does not step up, he could be taking a step down on the depth chart in 2025.

Sam Hubbard

Sam Hubbard is coming off an ankle injury that severely hampered his production on the field in the second half of 2023. Even Hubbard will admit his injury affected him after missing two games and requiring a ‘significant offseason surgery’. The Bengals 26th run defense needs their top edge run defender to have a big rebound in 2024. Or else the Cincinnati kid could become a cap casualty as he approaches age 30 before the 2025 season.

Myles Murphy

The Bengals eased their 2023 first rounder Myles Murphy in easily to the NFL as a rookie. Now, it’s time for Murphy to put all his tools together and become the first rounder the Bengals expect him to be. After relying almost solely on Trey Hendrickson for pass rush production, the Bengals will require more help off the edge–especially after Hendrickson’s trade request.

Dax Hill

The Bengals need more out of Hill, another former first rounder. Their first-round selections have to produce for them if Cincinnati wants a realistic chance at staying a top dog in the AFC. Hill, yet to truly find a home on the depth chart will be tried out at cornerback this year after an up and down 2023 at free safety. The hope is a move back to his college position in the nickel will unlock Hill’s talented profile and the Bengals get the consistent playmaker they drafted in 2022.


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