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  • It’s absurd to think the NFL rigged things so the Chiefs could make the Super Bowl

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It’s absurd to think the NFL rigged things so the Chiefs could make the Super Bowl

The Chiefs defeated the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at M&T Bank Stadium last Sunday, thus putting to bed the conspiracy theory that the NFL had pre-determined which teams would make the Super Bowl–Baltimore and the 49ers.

Why was there such a conspiracy theory floating around before Championship Sunday? For starters, did you see the logo’s color for Super Bowl LVIII? It’s a blend of purple and maroon or blue and red or whatever. Clearly, this was a sign that the league wanted a rematch of Super Bowl XVII, better known as the Harbaugh Bowl (better known as the Horror Bowl in my house), sans the even more annoying Jim Harbaugh this time around.

Also, people are crazy or stupid or something else that makes me so depressed, that I question why I keep going back to social media every single day.

Maybe this is why there is a new conspiracy theory floating around that the NFL fixed last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game so that the Chiefs would be the conference’s representative in Super Bowl LVIII. Why? Because of Taylor Swift, the internationally famous pop singer who is currently dating Travis Kelce, the future Hall of Fame tight end. But are they really dating, though?

It’s a set-up, you know that, right? It’s so obvious that this “pairing” was done at the behest of the NFL. Why? So Swift/Kelce can endorse President Joe Biden at halftime. Or maybe Swift will announce her candidacy. Is she old enough? She’s not right now, but she will be approximately one month after the 2024 presidential election. Therefore, she’ll be the right age when she’s sworn in in January. I believe there’s a loophole or something–I saw it on Reddit.

Anyway, it’s just so stupid to think that the Chiefs, a team that has played in six straight AFC Championship Games, need the league to fix things on their behalf. It’s absurd to say that Kansas City, a franchise that played in three of the previous four Super Bowls and won two of them, needed the NFL to orchestrate its latest berth.

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback on the planet. He’s won two NFL MVPs. He’s won two Super Bowl MVPs. A quarterback of that caliber generally doesn’t need help to do anything on a football field.

“Oh yeah, what about the fact that the Ravens were called for eight penalties, while the Chiefs were only called for three?” I’m guessing it was because Baltimore committed more. If you don’t want to be called for roughing the passer on two separate occasions, try not to club Mahomes in the head with your hand. Also, try not to headbutt him with your head.

I wonder if Zay Flowers, the Ravens’ rookie receiver, was in on the fix. Why do I say that? Because Flowers caught a 54-yard pass from quarterback Lamar Jackson that briefly set Baltimore up at the Kansas City 10-yard line late in the third period. I say “briefly,” because Flowers subsequently got up off the turf and visibly taunted the defensive back who tackled him on the play. Moments later, after the Ravens had recovered from that nonsense, Flowers fumbled into the end zone while trying to stretch for a touchdown that would have drawn his team to within three points. The Chiefs recovered the fumble for a touchback, clearly indicating they were in on the fix.

I wonder if Jackson was in on the fix. I say that because he threw a deep pass into the end zone with less than seven minutes left in the fourth quarter that may have been intended for tight end Isaiah Likely but may also have been intended for one of the three Kansas City defenders who were covering him.

I’d like to think these Chiefs/Swift/Kelce conspiracy theories will die down before the Super Bowl, but I have a Pfizer feeling they won’t.

I mean, I could see if Swift had started dating tight end T.J. Hockenson, and the Vikings then went on to make the Super Bowl despite Kirk Cousins, Josh Dobbs, Nick Mullens and Jaren Hall all starting games at quarterback for them during the regular season. However, Swift began dating arguably the greatest tight end of all time. That’s debatable, but it’s factual that Kelce just surpassed Jerry Rice for most receptions in postseason history.

If you haven’t caught on just yet, my mind and my fingers are conspiring to inform you that the Chiefs are good.

Mahomes is good. Kelce is good. Head coach Andy Reid is an offensive genius.

Actually, they’re great.

The Chiefs will be great as long as Mahomes is still around and in his prime. They’ll be great even if Kelce retires and marries Swift.

They’ll be great even if Kelce and Swift break up, and she starts writing cryptic lyrics like, “I was a matchup problem FOR YOU.”


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