The Dodgers Hosted an Anime-Themed Game For Weirdos and It Was the Best Idea Ever

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a baseball game happened on July 5. With no disrespect intended, this is not about Joey Loperfido’s juggling home run robbery, nor does it concern anything that occurred during the Diamondbacks-Padres dogfight, and none of the seven home runs the Pirates hit against the Cardinals have… read more

An early preview of the Week 14 matchup in Pittsburgh

On Sunday December 8th, 2024, the Cleveland Browns travel to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. This late season AFC North matchup is expected to have playoff and division implications. Fans of both teams can expect a cold and cloudy afternoon that is typical of a Browns Steelers game. Traveling to the Steel… read more

How the Cleveland Browns Influenced the AFC North

In today’s NFL the toughest division is arguably the AFC North. The division consists of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cleveland Browns. All four teams last season had winning records with the Ravens, Steelers, and the Browns making the playoffs. What few people know today is the influence that the Cleveland… read more

The Rise of the New Face of Major League Baseball

Over the last 5-10 years when thinking about the face of Major League Baseball, I think of Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Altuve and a few others. While most of those men are still relevant to the sport, I believe that the torch has been passed to the next generation of talent. A… read more

A Week 12 Preview of the Prime-Time Matchup vs. Pittsburgh

On Thursday night on November 21st ,2024, the Cleveland Browns will host their division rival Pittsburgh Steelers for the Browns first Prime-Time game of the 2024 season. Last season the Browns split the season series 1-1. Each team won their respective home games. The Steelers are an interesting opponent for the Browns. The reason being… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

NFL Operations: League Calendar for 2024/25

Every year around Christmas time, someone in my family inevitably gifts me a themed calendar to hang on my wall. A reminder to myself of how I’m getting older by the day, not that I really need it. My hairline is doing a much better job of reminding me of the slow drudge of time,… read more

Pittsburgh Steelers 90-Man Roster Update: Post Draft Blues Edition

This part of the “season” is the most boring part of being a rabid NFL football fan. The lull in any type of action leading up to Training Camp where it seems like there is NOTHING going on in the League for weeks after the NFL Draft. If you thought that the speculation about who… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Charting Russell Wilson’s NFL Career

A closer look at Russell Wilson’s career reveals a quarterback with the capabilities to make the Pittsburgh Steelers a better team in 2024.

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 NFL Post-NFL Draft Player Grades

Ladies and Gents, the 2024 NFL Draft is in the books. Undrafted Free Agents have been signed in the immediate aftermath, and separate player invites to Camp have been made. 256+ new players are now employed by the League and their respective teams, and roster spots are at a premium at this juncture of the… read more

Steel Curtain Network: A Pittsburgh Steelers podcast

Predicting the Steelers’ Starting Offensive Line for Week 1

The Steelers have long stood on both patience and tradition when deciding when rookies will get their crack at the starting lineup, and 2023 was more of the same. But will 2024 be different? You can count on it. In 2023, first-round pick Broderick Jones saw just four snaps in the first three weeks, despite… read more


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