A Cleveland Browns podcast

Everyone Needs to Take a Deep Breath on Darius Garland

It has become a trend in the Cleveland Cavaliers fan base to complain about the performance the home grown, 5th overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, Darius Garland since his return from injury. Darius Garland, the starting point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a broken jaw on December 15th, 2023 in a game… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Stop the madness! No way is Nick Chubb is being released or traded

The NFL offseason can be a dangerous place to be especially for Cleveland Browns fans who always seem to be hearing false narratives from a variety of places that some of their high-profile players are going to be traded or released. We have certainly heard a lot of this about their veteran running back Nick… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns linked to Brazil in NFL Week 1 matchup against the Eagles

We still have three months until the NFL officially announces the schedules for all their teams. Still, the matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles got a bigger boost in the world of speculation when NBC football guru Peter King announced in his latest blog that he “was good” with the Browns and Eagles… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns Fans, It’s Okay to Like Taylor Swift

Regardless of whether you are taking sides for the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl, it’s okay for Browns fans to like Taylor Swift. How do we know? Bernie Kosar, who many Browns fans have met through Browns Backers and other activities, told us so.  Bernie, you see, was the childhood idol of both Travis and Jason Kelce.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

How should we look back at the Browns 2023 season?

As a Cleveland Browns fan the 2023 season was one to remember. However, how will you remember it? Was it the one where magic seemed to be the name of the game for the team and things that we hadn’t seen for years started happening in a good way? Was it the injuries, injuries, and… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns run to the playoffs nothing short of stunning

Cleveland Browns fans generally bleed Orange and Brown and despite recent decades of mediocrity, they still cheer on their favorite team. This season has been so different for the fanbase that even long-time fans like myself, find what is happening in Cleveland this campaign to be stunning. It’s almost like a dream, one that many… read more

Throwback Thursday: Cleveland’s Jim Brown and Bears’ Gale Sayers

When the Bears play the Browns on Sunday, the game will be attended by the ghosts of Jim Brown and Gale Sayers. Sayers was compared to Jim Brown throughout his career by the sports media looking for a successor to the King. Sayers, though great in his own right, did not have the career that Jim Brown had. Brown simply dominated the field of play on offense and never missed a game. Sayers was an electrifying player known for big plays, though unfortunately his brilliant career was cut short by injuries. 

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns will choose between Stefanski and Schwartz

The Browns success of defense will probably propel Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz to an NFL head coaching position in 2024. Thus, the Browns may have to either make him their Head Coach, replacing Kevin Stefanski, or wave goodbye. He, along with Myles Garrett, are the two Superstars that made the defense the scourge of the… read more

A Cleveland Browns podcast

Browns: Thou shalt not pass!

Is it crazy to expect a 38 year old quarterback to master the passing game with just two weeks of practice? Yes.

A Cleveland Browns podcast

The Browns need to run the damn ball on Sunday against Jaguars

The Cleveland Browns play the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday and if they want to win the game they need to “run the damn ball”. We did some mid-season research and looked at the season thus far the Browns and the evidence is pretty clear that when they run the ball then this team wins ballgames…. read more


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