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5 NBA Teams Most Likely to Draft Bronny James

Everyone is buzzing about Bronny James entering the NBA to play in the same league as the first-ballot Hall of Famer, LeBron James. Bronny has big shoes to fill, and may never be on the level of his father, one considered to be one of the all-time greats. However, Bronny might be a package deal that makes him alluring in a weaker NBA Draft class.

With the NBA Draft split into two nights, Wednesday and Thursday, we could see Bronny selected either night.

So here are five teams that are most likely to draft Bronny James, who averaged 4.8 PPG, 2.8 RPG, and 2.1 APG in his freshman year at USC after suffering from cardiac arrest just 11 months ago.

5 — Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks hold the final pick in Thursday’s Round 2 at 58 overall. Assuming Bronny James lasts the entire draft, the Mavericks should seriously consider taking Bronny with the final pick. The Mavericks have proven to handle point guards well who have been in the public eye and rebuild their reputation. While Bronny’s done nothing to damage his reputation, they will know how to best support Bronny. The team just lost in the NBA Finals, so taking a project player will not hurt them at 58. And if nothing else, the Mavericks could always use number 58 or Bronny for trade leverage.

4 — New York Knicks

I almost considered the Cavaliers for marketing purposes, but it could have the opposite effect depending on how Cavs fans feel about LeBron leaving town again. There’s no bigger marketable city than New York and being the son of LeBron James, Bronny has marketability. Imagine Linsanity intensified, especially if Bronny got minutes off the bench and proved to be a vital asset to the team in a couple years. Plus, there’s no pressure with Jalen Brunson emerging as a superstar.

3 — Golden State Warriors

Speaking of no pressure, playing behind Stephen Curry is ideal for Bronny. Of course, this is very ironic regarding the many times Curry and the Warriors met LeBron and the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. But Curry was a second-generation star with his father Dell playing in his hometown of Charlotte. Curry could relate to Bronny and advise him on handling the NBA transition.

2 — Philadelphia 76ers

If there’s any team that could lure LeBron James away by acquiring his son, it’s Philadelphia. The 76ers are in a much easier Eastern Conference, a former MVP in Joel Embiid, and an emerging star in Tyrese Maxey. Bronny will not cost much, but perhaps LeBron will give Philadelphia a small discount to play with his son. If this isn’t enough to convince LeBron to make the cross-country trip, the 76ers would just be wasting a 41st overall pick.

1 — Los Angeles Lakers

This is the obvious choice. You keep LeBron happy at all costs if you’re the Lakers. The team just hired LeBron’s podcast buddy JJ Redick to be a head coach for the first time in his life. LeBron has an opt-out option, which could be in the Lakers’ favor or to their detriment. If you draft Bronny, does LeBron take a pay cut to stay in LA? If you don’t draft his son, could LeBron opt-out to go play with his son? Be on the safe side and draft Bronny 55th overall. At that point in the draft, who would you be missing out on anyway?

Where does Bronny James call home after this week? Does he even get drafted? Let us know in the comments where he’d be the most successful.


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