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4 Moves New York Knicks Should Make This Offseason

It was an earlier exit than anticipated for the New York Knicks.

The Knicks dealt with injuries over the course of the season and this continued into the playoff. Julius Randle was already on the shelf but joining him was Bojan Bogdanovic and Mitchell Robinson. Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart were also banged up over the course of two rounds.

New York clearly ran out of gas in Game 7 against the Indiana Pacers. Now, it is onto the offseason. Below are four options that the Knicks should explore this offseason.

4. Sign OG Anunoby

There has been mixed feelings coming from New York on this one. OG Anunoby was acquired midseason and was a major part of this Knicks’ team. It was clear that New York moved different when Anunoby was healthy and on the floor. He averaged 14.1 points and shot nearly 40% from the field.

The problem is, Anunoby has dealt with injuries over the course of his career and does not seem like he can handle playing 40+ minutes per night, which is a necessity for Tom Thibodeau. Ultimately, the Knicks knew about his injury problems before making the trade. They sent assets to Toronto to acquire Anunoby so it only makes sense to get a new deal done.

3. Extend Jalen Brunson

There are rumors that Brunson is open to signing a four-year, $156 million extension with the Knicks this offseason. This would come one year before he is eligible for a five-year, $270 million extension. This move would allow the Knicks more financial flexibility and if Brunson is up for it, that should be done as soon as possible.

Brunson has turned into an MVP candidate, which make his current deal of $110 million over four years one of the best contracts in sports. There is a feeling between the two ides that Brunson will retire a Knick. He will be taken care of over the course of his career by the team. Brunson has been an unselfish player during his time in New York. If these rumors are true, he is showing his mindset once again and it is on winning.

2. Find Trade Partner For Next Piece

It will be interesting to see how many options are out there for the Knicks. Yes, fans believed that at full strength this Knicks’ team could have won a championship. When looking at it with a clear head, that is not the case. New York has put together an incredible supporting cast and has a star in Brunson. Now, it is important to find that next piece.

The question is, where will it come from? There have been rumblings about Devin Booker and Paul George but both could fall through. The Phoenix Suns might not want to blow it up just yet while the Los Angeles Clippers could hang onto their veteran. The Minnesota Timberwolves are unlikely to part ways with Karl Anthony-Towns after a run to the Western Conference Finals. There are players out there and it will be interesting to see if Leon Rose can work his magic.

1. Explore Julius Randle Trades

The time has come.

There is a legitimate superstar in town now and Julius Randle should not be second in command. The Knicks proved that they can survive without Randle. At full strength entering the postseason, there is a great chance that the Knicks are playing in the Eastern Conference Finals. It would be wise to look for a trade partner while Randle’s value is still high.

Randle has been productive for the Knicks but there are times that the offense is stagnant when the ball is in his hands. He has played isolation ball at times and this hinders the progress offensively. Most importantly, the fit just isn’t the same as it was. Adding Randle in a package might allow the Knicks to find that second star next to Brunson.


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