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Washington Wizards 2024 Draft Night – The Rebuild Is On

The Washington Wizards are in what seems to be in full blown rebuild mode and the time is now to rebuild as the Wizards look to the future in hopes of bringing back a championship to DC.

The Wizards started the evening with the #2 and #26 pick in the first round, but the fireworks started a little early, as the Wizards front office made it clear to the NBA world and Wizard fans that the rebulid is on as Washington added the #14 pick in this years draft in a trade with Portland.

This in my opinion was a very good trade as the Wizards acquired more draft capital which is much needed. Deni Avdija last season was beginning to turn the corner and starting to make some big strides, but it was an offer the Wizards could not refuse.

The Wizards were on the clock for pick #2 in the 2024 draft and to most Wizard fans not only was it the right pick, but it was a pick everyone could get behind and embrace the pick. So with the 2nd pick in the 2024 NBA draft the Washington Wizards select:

This was the perfect pick as Sarr has a very high ceiling, as some experts were saying Sarr was the best player in the draft, so the Wizards can be patient as he develops in his NBA career. Could this pick indicate the direction the Wizards want to go in. Is it offense, defense, up-tempo, etc. Let’s see where they go with the next pick.

Once again, the Wizards are on the clock in the 2024 draft and this pick will be the most interesting pick in this years draft, as no one really has any idea what will happen since this pick was just aquired a couple hours earlier in the evening. So with the 14th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft the Washington Wizards select.

First, I am glad to see a DMV guy get drafted to the hometown team. It is nice to see a local guy from Baltimore get drafted, So, this is the pick that the Wizards traded for earlier in the day and with this pick, it shows just how young the Wizards are going to be in the next few years, so the ceiling is high for Carrington as well and this pick is just a stark reminder to Wizards fans that the next few years are going to be rough. Washington just might be in the lottery for the next two to the three years, but im glad to see the franchise making a clean start.

The Wizards so far have drafted maybe the best player in the draft in Sarrs and a floor general and a sharp passer in guard Currington, so with there final pick at #26 in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft the Washington Wizards select. Looks like the Wizards make another draft day move as they make a trade with the Knicks.

This is sort of a surprise, but never the less the 6-8 George has some potential to be a solid future NBA player for the Wizards and he will need plenty of time to develop.

So, overall I think the Wizards draft went pretty well and showed the fan base that they are ready to be on the winning side of things once again, but the road to being competetitve will be one that will not happen overnight. Wizards fans need to embrace this rebuild as in the world of sports what goes up must down and what is down must come up. It happens in ever sports and the latest in the NBA is that of OK City and Boston on being on top and the Lakers and Spurs not so much. The Wizards are going to young and I man really young, like as in baby young.

Here are the ages of the Wizards draft picks from this year and last year:
Bilal Coulibaly (19 years old)
Tristan Vukcevic (21 years old)
Alex Sarr (19 years old)
Bub Carrington (18 years old)
Kyshawn George (20 years old)

The plan is clearly laid out as the Wizards hired a new coach in Brian Keefe, who in most NBA circles is very good at player development. The front office made some trades to get more high draft capital, like they should have done with Beal. They really are taking some big risks with there picks, but with the right coach and right situation these draft picks over the last couple years are the core and future of the Washington Wizards, so now we just wait and maybe wait and maybe wait some more to see if this core pans out. As a Wizards fan, I am glad Washington did the full rebuild and not partial rebuild. Let us see what the future holds for Washington Wizards basketball, but I for one think the future is now bright.


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