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Who Will Be King👑: NFC North OTA Fallout

In this episode of ‘Who Will Be King👑’, hosts from different NFC North podcasts come together. From Detroit’s ‘Bleachers to Speakers’, June and Foster, joining Pay from Chicago’s ‘Da Bear Claw Podcast’, and Dave from Minnesota’s ‘Vikings First and SKOL’. The hosts discuss various topics, focusing on the latest in the NFL’s off-season activities. They begin with the OTA updates from Detroit, Chicago, and Minnesota, highlighting players like Carlton Davis and Jamison Williams for the Lions, and Dallas Turner and Jordan Addison for the Vikings. The conversation shifts to the potential overhaul of the offseason schedule proposed by the NFL Players Union, with mixed opinions on the benefits of eliminating OTAs in favor of a longer training camp. The dialogue also touches on the burgeoning contracts for wide receivers, questioning the sustainability of such high valuations. Finally, they delve into PFF’s quarterback rankings, debating the placements of players like Jared Goff, Trevor Lawrence, and others. Throughout the discussion, the hosts maintain a light-hearted and engaging tone, providing a well-rounded update on current NFL happenings.

Detroit’s Camp: Quiet but Promising
Foster kicked off the discussion by sharing updates from the Detroit camp. He said, “It’s been pretty quiet in the camp. The two main guys that have made some news are Carlton Davis and Jamison Williams.” The hosts seemed optimistic about the team’s performance, noting that the quiet nature of the camp could be a sign of focused preparation for the upcoming season.

Foster elaborated on Dan Campbell’s high praise for Jamison Williams, stating that Campbell had given Williams the “stamp” of being mature and ready for a bigger role this year. This news sparked excitement among the hosts, as they eagerly discussed Williams’ potential impact on the team.

Carlton Davis: Aiming for the Top Spot
Foster also shed light on Carlton Davis’s ambitions for the season. According to Foster, Davis had received high praise from Jameson Williams, who stated that “Playing against guys of his caliber is going to make him better.” Davis has expressed his desire to secure his position as the team’s main cornerback, a role that the team had struggled with last season.

Foster added, “Carlton Davis is definitely another guy that has made some headlines thus far,” implying that Davis’s performance in the camp had been noteworthy and promising.

Minnesota Vikings: The Rising Star, Dallas Turner
Switching gears to Minnesota, Dave shared his excitement about Dallas Turner, a rookie who has been making waves with his impressive spin moves. Dave quoted Christian Darrisaw, who had remarked, “Dallas Turner put a spin move that was faster than Danielle Hunter ever could.”

However, Dave also acknowledged that Turner had a lot to learn, especially since he would be practicing against seasoned players like Darrisaw and Brian O’Neill. The hosts agreed that Turner’s performance, though praiseworthy, would be significantly tested against these veterans.

The Torque Debate: McCarthy’s Throwing Motion
The podcast took an intriguing turn when the hosts started discussing the concept of “torque” in relation to a quarterback’s throwing motion. They referred to reports from the Minnesota Vikings’ coaches about monitoring the torque on McCarthy’s arm. The hosts agreed that overstriding could lead to McCarthy relying too heavily on his arm, rather than utilizing his hips and lower body.

Dave explained, “That’s come out, and that, and that he’s, and not only that, but that he overstrides, but that he can, it opens up to possible injury later.” The hosts expressed their concerns about the potential for injury if McCarthy continued this pattern, emphasizing the need for proper training and adjustment of his throwing motion.

Wrapping Up: High Hopes for the Season
Despite the heated debates and in-depth analysis, the hosts ended the podcast with high hopes for both teams. They agreed that the OTAs had shown promise for the upcoming season. With the players showing potential and the coaches strategizing for success, the stage is set for an exciting season ahead.

NFL Offseason Training Undergoing a Potential Overhaul
A significant revamp may be on the horizon for the National Football League (NFL) offseason as a new proposal from the NFL Players Union is tabled, according to a report by Tom Pelissero, a lead staff writer for

The story [and video] can be found HERE.

An Altered Approach to Training
The proposal moots the idea of eliminating the Organized Team Activities (OTAs) in their current form from the NFL calendar. Instead, they would be moved and start in mid-June so there would be basically a longer, more extended training camp, allowing for a steady and consistent build-up to the regular season games.

“Instead of spurts of a little bit here, a little bit there, it’s a more gentle ramp up towards the season,” said Dave, a participant in the discussion. He also highlighted how this approach would be a shift from the current system, where there are periods of intense activity followed by breaks.

The Impact on Players and Game Performance
The discussion participants weighed in on the potential impacts of this proposed change, both in terms of player performance and the overall game.

Dave, one of the participants, fully supports the proposed change. He believes that the players will benefit from a more gradual and steady preparation period. He also mentions the potential benefits for fans, stating, “I think it’ll work better… it’d be better for the players and it’d be better for us fans because the players will be more consistent coming into that first week of the [season].”

June, another participant, emphasizes that OTAs should be taken with a grain of salt, as they are not always indicative of the performance during the actual games. “First Impressions aren’t everything as far as OTAs. You’ve seen, I’m sure you’ve experienced very, very great news coming out of OTAs and never see it happen in September.”

Concerns Around the Proposal
While the proposal seems to be generally well-received, there are still concerns about its potential implications, especially for player fitness and conditioning. Pay, another participant in the discussion, brings up the issue of players maintaining their physical condition during the extended offseason.

“If you have the least bit of an injury or a lot of those top-notch, high-caliber guys, they don’t even participate in any way. So, it’s just kind of, if nothing else, just an opportunity for us to, you know, that first hype before the training camp,” Pay said.

Despite these concerns, Pay concludes the discussion by asserting his support for whatever seems best for the players. “I’m always gonna side with the players. So, whatever they think is best, I’m all for it,” he said.

The proposal promises to bring significant changes to the NFL offseason, and it remains to be seen how these changes will affect the players, the game, and the fans.

The Rising Value of Wide Receivers in the NFL: A Detailed Debate on Contracts, Salaries and the Future
In recent years, the National Football League (NFL) has seen a significant shift in player salaries, particularly for the wide receiver position. In a recent conversation between sports analysts, the hosts delved into this trend and discussed the potential implications it could have on the league’s future.

Sky High Contracts: Setting New Records
The NFL has witnessed some substantial contracts signed this offseason. Wide receivers have been at the forefront of these lucrative deals, with their salaries reaching new heights. “Amon-Ra St. Brown’s got 30 million a year, um, pretty much set the record for wire receivers until, um, until, uh, uh, A. J. Brown, yeah, he came up and jumped over that by 2 million,” said a host named Pay.

This trend of escalating contracts isn’t limited to a few top players. Other players like Brandon Aiyuk and CeeDee Lamb are demanding similar prices, leading to a broader discussion about the increasing monetary value placed on wide receivers.

The Big Question: Are Wide Receivers Overpricing Themselves?
As the conversation progressed, a crucial question emerged: At what point do wide receivers overprice themselves? Pay presented a unique perspective to this debate, asking, “Do you foresee a future in which the wide receiver becomes the running back?” This question was a reference to the apparent decline in the value of running backs in the NFL, compared to the rising value of wide receivers.

A Different Angle: Debating the Value of Positions
Dave was quick to counter Pay’s argument. He contrasted the longevity and efficiency of wide receivers and running backs, stating, “To your latter question, the wide receiver will never become the running back. Running back is a short-lived position… Wide receiver is a longer-lived in the league position.”

Dave further emphasized the efficiency of the passing game, which gives wide receivers a significant role in teams’ offensive strategies. “Wide receivers getting, what, nine yards on average is a good one, a decent one. And, we’re a runner, a good runner is getting five, six,” Dave said, highlighting the disparity between the two positions.

Balancing Supply and Demand
The hosts further analyzed the supply and demand dynamics of the wide receiver position. Dave pointed out that the supply of very good wide receivers is not as large as it may seem. “There’s a huge drop off when you start looking at teams. They may have their number one, and not all number ones are equal across all 32 teams,” he noted.

This observation suggests that the market for top-tier wide receivers may not be as saturated as it appears. The demand for elite players in this position is high, thus justifying the high salaries they command.

Predicting the Future: Will Wide Receiver Salaries Continue to Inflate?
The hosts speculated on the future of wide receiver salaries. They agreed that there will always be teams willing to pay top dollar for perceived talent. However, if the market continues to inflate at its current rate, there may come a time when teams will reconsider the value they place on the position.

As Pay concluded, “Even though they print money in the NFL, at some point, someone’s going to say, ‘Hey, you’re not a quarterback and you don’t protect the quarterback and you don’t chase the quarterback. We’re going to have to put a block on these salaries.'”

The debate ended on an open-ended note, leaving room for future discussions as the NFL continues to evolve. The value of wide receivers in the NFL is a dynamic subject that will undoubtedly continue to stimulate intriguing discourse in the world of sports.

The Jared Goff Debate: Analysts Question PFF’s Quarterback Ranking
An animated debate recently unfolded among sports analysts as they dissected the quarterback rankings of Pro Football Focus (PFF). At the center of the controversy was Detroit Lions’ quarterback, Jared Goff, and where he stands in the pecking order of his peers.

The Unchallenged Mahomes Tier
The discussion began with a unanimous agreement on PFF’s top tier, dubbed “The Mahomes Tier,” following Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “It’s Mahomes and everyone else. That’s fine,” one of the analysts agreed, highlighting the undisputed prowess of Mahomes and his domination in the quarterback landscape.

Goff’s Exclusion from the ‘Elite’ and ‘Postseason Caliber’ Tiers Raises Eyebrows
As the discussion delved deeper into the rankings, eyebrows were raised when it came to Goff’s placement. Despite Goff being a two-time Super Bowl attendee, he was conspicuously absent from PFF’s ‘elite’ tier, as well as their ‘postseason caliber’ tier. Instead, Goff was nestled in the ‘melting pot of starters’ tier, finding himself outranked by not only established veterans but also unproven rookies.

“Jared Goff should not be behind Jordan Love,” one analyst argued passionately, referring to the Green Bay Packers’ backup quarterback who has yet to make a significant mark in the NFL.

Other Quarterback Rankings Questioned
The debate heated up as the analysts began to question the placement of other quarterbacks, namely Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa and Jacksonville Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence.

“Jared Goff should be ahead of Trevor Lawrence,” one analyst stated emphatically. The sentiment was echoed by others who seemed equally perplexed by the decision to place the unproven rookie above the experienced Goff. Concerns were also raised over the comparatively high ranking of Tagovailoa, who has shown to struggle under pressure in the past.

PFF’s Criticism of “Goff’s Play Under Pressure” Sparks More Debate
Further fueling the debate was PFF’s justification for Goff’s ranking. They stated, “Unfortunately, Goff’s play under pressure and outside of structure continues to leave a lot to be desired when compared to other top NFL quarterbacks.” However, the analysts were quick to point out similar issues with quarterbacks who were ranked higher than Goff.

Goff’s Ranking: A Case of Disrespect or Justifiable Positioning?
The debate around Goff’s ranking turned into a broader discussion about respect and the criteria used to evaluate quarterbacks. While some analysts saw the justification of Goff’s positioning, others perceived it as a slight against his achievements and abilities. “Goff being 16… if you told me Goff is like a middle, middle of the road quarterback… Cool, whatever,” one analyst conceded. However, seeing some of the names ranked above Goff brought about more questions and disagreements.

Despite the debate, the consensus among the analysts was that Goff deserved a higher ranking. They suggested that Goff should be no less than 12th in the rankings, asserting that unproven quarterbacks should not be ranked higher. As the NFL season approaches, these rankings and the debates they spark serve as a reminder of the passion, scrutiny, and anticipation that surrounds the sport.


Pay @TheRealPayday, host of Da Bear Claw Podcast, June @asgjune & M Foster @Mbrfosterchild, hosts of the Bleachers To Speakers [Lions] podcast, and Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare, from @Vikings1stSKOL. This has been a joint podcast production partnered with Fans First Sports Network @FansFirstSN and Fans First Sports Network’s NFL feed @FFSN_NFL.



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