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Rollercoaster of issues mar Vikings 34-28 loss vs. Eagles

The Minnesota Vikings struggled on Thursday night, falling to the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 34-28. The game was frustrating on many levels and it started right away in the first quarter.

First quarter: A Series of Mistakes

The Minnesota Vikings started a bit rough by allowing D’Andre Swift of the Eagles to gain significant plays and yards. However, the Vikings’ defense stepped up and prevented the Eagles from converting, leading to a successful field goal attempt by the Eagles’ kicker, Elliott.

The Vikings’ offense took the field but quickly turned the ball over to the Eagles. Nevertheless, the Vikings’ defense responded strongly and swiftly. The defense made key plays with Danielle Hunter sacking Jalen Hurts and Theo Jackson intercepting a pass.

Unfortunately, the Vikings’ turnovers continued as Alexander Mattison fumbled the football giving the ball back to the Eagles. The first quarter ended with the Eagles leading 3-0, with Elliott missing a field goal attempt.

Second quarter: Vikings Strike Back

The Vikings began the second quarter on a high note, executing excellent plays with passes to TJ Hockenson and Justin Jefferson, setting up a goal-line situation. Kirk Cousins connected with TJ Hockenson for a touchdown, giving the Vikings a 7-3 lead.

The Vikings struggled to stop the Eagles running game as the quarter progressed. The Eagles embarked on a long drive, primarily relying on runs, and eventually scored a touchdown with Jalen Hurts sneaking into the end zone.

The Vikings had a chance for another touchdown, but a controversial play involving Justin Jefferson led to a touchback. This allowed the Eagles to get into field goal range, and Elliott made an impressive 64-yard field goal, making it 13-7 in favor of the Eagles.

Third quarter: Turnovers Haunt the Vikings

Kirk Cousins’ struggles continued into the third quarter as he fumbled the ball.  With that, the Eagles capitalized on this mistake by scoring two quick touchdowns within the first four minutes of play in the 3rd quarter making the score 27-7, with Evans making a crucial catch to lead the Eagles to a two-touchdown league.

The Vikings showed a strong push by responding with a touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins to Jordan Addison, making it 14-27. However, the defense continued to have difficulty locking down D’Andre Swift, and the offensive line faced challenges protecting Kirk Cousins.

Fourth Quarter: A Thrilling Finish

The back-and-forth fight continued as the Minnesota Vikings pushed with a strong drive, with successful pass completions to Justin Jefferson and KJ Osborn, with KJ receiving a pass for a touchdown to make it 21-27 after a field goal by Greg Joseph.

Unfortunately, the Vikings injured offensive lineman Olisaemeka Udohon with no update on his status on when he would return.

The Eagles responded with a strong rush drive with Swift breaking through the Vikings’ defense for another touchdown and extra point, extending their lead to 34-22.

In the closing minutes, the Vikings struggled to make it downfield, but they managed to score another touchdown with TJ Hockenson, narrowing the gap to 28-34.

The Vikings in the last seconds of play end up attempting an on-side kick but were unsuccessful in recovering the ball,  ultimately losing the game 34-28 to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Key Takeaways

  • Turnovers proved costly for the Vikings, disrupting their offensive momentum and costing them points.
  • Both lines faced challenges. The offensive line struggled to protect Kirk Cousins, while the defensive line had difficulties in pass and rush plays.

The Vikings will now prepare to face the Chargers next Sunday.


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