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SKOL’ing with Friends: Vikings vs Broncos Showdown with Mike DeCicco of the Mile High Report

In the most recent episode of the popular podcast, SKOL’ing With Friends, host Dave from Vikings 1st & SKOL welcomed Mike Decicco from the Mile High Report. This episode was dedicated to discussing the upcoming Sunday night game where the Minnesota Vikings will take on the Denver Broncos.

Dave kicked off the episode with a friendly introduction. He set the stage for a lively discussion, emphasizing the friendly nature of the conversation despite the competitive context. Mike reciprocated the friendly vibe and expressed his excitement to be a part of the conversation.

The conversation kicked into high gear with Mike sharing his thoughts about the Denver Broncos’ fluctuating performance this season. The team’s unpredictable journey from giving up 70 points in a single game to holding off some of the league’s best quarterbacks has left him in a whirlwind of emotions. Mike conveyed the dramatic shift in the team’s outlook – from contemplating firing and trading everyone to suddenly envisioning a playoff run.

Dave empathized with Mike’s sentiments as he reflected on the Vikings’ season. He recounted the team’s rocky start, with losses stacking up early in the season, leading to a wave of criticism and calls for significant changes. However, he happily noted the team’s remarkable turnaround and subsequent winning streak that has instilled a renewed sense of hope among the Vikings’ fans.

Despite the newfound optimism, Dave didn’t shy away from addressing the pressing issue of injuries within the team. He specifically pointed out the concern around Justin Jefferson’s hamstring injury and his potential return in the upcoming game. He highlighted the importance of ensuring Jefferson’s complete recovery before getting him back on the field, further emphasizing the crucial role Jefferson plays in the team’s success.

As the conversation shifted towards discussing their teams’ quarterbacks, Mike shed light on the improving performance of Russell Wilson, the Broncos’ quarterback. He explained how Wilson’s gameplay has evolved to focus on shorter passes, a strategy that has proven to be effective for the Broncos. Mike also expressed his confidence in Wilson’s ability to continue delivering in the upcoming games.

Dave provided a counterpoint by diving into the Vikings’ own quarterback situation. He shared his admiration for Josh Dobbs’ performance in the past two weeks, which has significantly boosted the team’s offensive capabilities. This unexpected turn of events has ignited a feeling of a “magical” season among the Vikings fans, reminding them of the 2017 season when Case Keenum unexpectedly led the team to the NFC Championship game.

The conversation took an interesting turn as Dave and Mike started discussing the potential strategies for the upcoming game. Dave mentioned how Brian Flores, the Vikings’ defensive coordinator, has been a game-changer for the team. He pointed out Flores’ propensity for blitz strategies, which could pose a significant challenge for the Broncos.

Mike, in response, acknowledged that the Broncos have often struggled against the blitz. He expressed his concern about the pre-snap penalties that have been a recurring problem for the team. Despite these challenges, Mike remained hopeful and confident in the Broncos’ ability to face these challenges head-on.

The episode wrapped up with a sense of camaraderie and anticipation. Despite their loyalties lying with opposing teams, Dave and Mike’s conversation was marked by mutual respect and a shared passion for the game. As the Minnesota Vikings prepare to travel to Denver to face the Broncos, the listeners of SKOL’ing With Friends were left eagerly waiting for the upcoming showdown, armed with a wealth of insights and things to watch out for during the game.

FAN WITH US!!! Mike DeCicco @MikeDeCicco host of the Mile High Report @MileHighReport joins Dave Stefano @Luft_Krigare , from @Vikings1stSKOL. This has been a joint podcast production partnered with Fans First Sports Network @FansFirstSN and Fans First Sports Network’s NFL feed @FFSN_NFL.


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