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Player Profiles of Edges Alabama’s Dallas Turner & Washington’s Bralen Trice

Welcome to a special edition of The Real Forno Show, where we delve into the exciting realm of Skol Search. Unlike our previous segments, we are shifting our focus from one player to two, casting the spotlight on the impressive talents of Alabama Edge Rusher, Dallas Turner, and Washington Edge Rusher, Bralen Trice. These two athletes, though different in their styles and ranking profiles, are attracting a lot of attention as they prepare to step into the NFL draft.

Meet the Hosts
At the helm of The Real Forno Show is Tyler Forness, the managing editor of USA Today’s Vikings Wire. A versatile talent, Tyler also writes for the College Football Network, is the publisher of Substack Run N Shooter, and hosts the Good, the Bad, and the Hungee on the Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network. Furthermore, he is a founding member of Vikings 1st & SKOL. Accompanying him is the ever-dependable Producer Dave, who brings his own set of insights to the table after blogging and reporting on the Vikings for over two decades.

Taking a Closer Look at Dallas Turner
Our analysis begins with Dallas Turner, an Alabama Edge rusher who has been frequently linked to the Vikings in recent weeks, with numerous mock drafts predicting his selection by the team. Turner, a third-year junior and former five-star recruit, comes from St. Thomas Aquinas, a distinguished program in Florida that has previously produced NFL talents like Nick and Joey Bosa.

Standing 6 foot 4 and weighing 242 pounds, Turner has an impressive record to his name. He has chalked up 32.5 tackles for loss, 22.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries. The discussion about Turner’s abilities and potential is based on his performances against Texas, Ole Miss, and LSU, which were amongst the best offenses Alabama faced last year.

Dallas Turner

Weight-242 lbs
Third-year Junior
5-Star recruit per 247 Sports
Stats: 120 tackles, 58 solo, 32.5 tackles for loss, 22.5 sacks, 117 pressures, 1 pass defended, 2 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries
Games watched: Texas 2023, Ole Miss 2023, LSU 2023

Turner is a powerhouse of an athlete. His ability to generate power with ease and his excellent hand placement are amongst his standout features. He has a range of pass rush moves in his arsenal, including speed to power, push-pull, and the long arm. His physicality and strength enable him to effectively set the edge, holding the offensive tackle at bay and preventing the runner from getting upfield.

Moreover, Turner’s game offers a good deal of versatility, similar to Danielle Hunter. He can adapt to different roles on the field, allowing him to take advantage of specific matchups. If a left guard is struggling, for example, Turner can be positioned over the left guard as a stand up rusher, allowing him to dominate the game.

Areas for Improvement
While Turner has undeniable strengths, there are aspects of his game that could benefit from further development. One such area is his ability to deal with blockers and the length from the offensive line. His pass rush plan could also use some refinement. Currently, his most developed move is speed to power, where he uses brute force to drive the offensive lineman back.

Tyler’s Grades:
Bend – 7.8/10
Quickness/Burst – 13.1/15
Finesse – 3.8/5
Power – 4.6/5
Counters – 7.9/10
Awareness – 7.8/10
Run Defense – 8.2/10
Versatility – 8.5/10
Size/Length – 14.2/15
Tackling – 8.4/10
Grade – 84.3/100 Second Round

“The idea of what Turner is as a prospect is good. What he needs is time to develop with a good defensive line coach. There are a lot of appealing things to work with but it’s not quite all the way there.” ~ Tyler Forness at USA Today’s Vikings Wire

The Verdict
Dallas Turner is undoubtedly an athletic and talented edge rusher prospect. While he may not be the most developed player in the draft pool, he possesses the raw talent and physical abilities that could be honed into something special with the right guidance and nurturing. Nevertheless, due to his need for further development, he currently falls into the high second round in the rankings. It remains to be seen how he will fare in the NFL, but there is no doubt that Turner is a prospect to watch.

Spotlight on Dallas Turner: The Raw Talent from Alabama
The episode kicked off with Forness bringing Alabama Ed Rusher, Dallas Turner, into the spotlight. Turner, with his unique profile, is perceived differently across the industry. Despite the clear potential, Forness raised questions about whether he is as optimistic on Turner as the rest of the industry seems to be.

According to Forness’s analysis of various mock drafts, Turner has been associated with the Vikings 15 times out of the 133 mock drafts he has collected as of Sunday, February 11th. While there’s a clear interest, Forness warns that Turner is still in the development phase, and this might impact his current and future value.

Bralen Trice

Weight-260 lbs
Fifth-year senior
3-Star recruit per 247 Sports
Stats: 101 tackles, 63 solo, 28.5 tackles for loss, 18.0 sacks, 2 passes defended, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery
Games watched: USC 2023, Utah 2023, Texas 2023

Turner’s strengths lie in his athleticism and his ability to convert speed to power. However, his lack of technique, specifically in the area of hand usage, was highlighted as a concern by Forness. Turner needs to work on his hand placement and overall technique to become a more complete player.

Bralen Trice: The Technically Sound Player from Washington
The discussion then moved onto Bralen Trice, a Washington Ed Rusher famous for his decision to stay an extra year to aid Washington in their pursuit of the national championship. Unlike Turner, Trice is a technically sound player who uses his skills to his advantage.

Forness describes Trice as an athlete who might not win being a super hyper athlete, but he compensates for it with his technique. Trice showcases active hands and good placement, and can drive offensive tackles back quickly. His ability to drive them backward once they get off balance is also commendable.

However, Trice isn’t without his flaws. Forness pointed out that Trice can get overly aggressive in run defense, which can be taken advantage of by seasoned opponents. He also lacks the elite bend, which could be a disadvantage when he rushes to the outside. Trice will need to improve these aspects of his game to maximize his potential at the professional level.

Tyler’s Grades:
Bend – 7.4/10
Quickness/Burst – 13.1/15
Finesse – 3.9/5
Power – 4.2/5
Counters – 8.6/10
Awareness – 8.1/10
Run Defense – 8.0/10
Versatility – 7.8/10
Size/Length – 13.1/15
Tackling – 7.8/10
Grade – 82.0/100 Second Round

“Trice is a really interesting prospect. There are some limitations that will prevent him from being an elite player but his strengths could have him in a rotation and a nine sack per year guy for 8-10 years.” ~ Tyler Forness at USA Today’s Vikings Wire

The Draft Dilemma: Dallas Turner or Bralen Trice?
One of the compelling questions that Forness posed during the show was – who would you like more, Turner or Trice? While Turner boasts a high upside, he’s still a work in progress. On the other hand, Trice is a more defined player but with a limited ceiling.

Analyzing their profiles, Forness opined that he would take Trice at the 42nd pick before he would take Turner at 11th. The decision was mainly influenced by the cost of doing business and the players’ current development stage.

The Importance of Skill Over Position
An important question that came up during the show was whether the Vikings need an edge more than a defensive tackle. After much deliberation, Forness and Dave arrived at the conclusion that both positions are equally valuable. They emphasized that the decision should be more about who is the better player rather than focusing on one position over the other.



Looking Ahead: What’s Next on The Real Forno Show?
As the episode came to a close, Forness announced that the next Skol Search would feature Caleb Williams, adding another exciting prospect into their analysis mix.

For more detailed insights into these players and more, stay tuned to The Real Forno Show. The hosts also reminded the listeners to like, subscribe, and ring the bell to get notifications and help grow the community of Minnesota Vikings fans.

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