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Vikings opportunities and challenges for 2023 NFL season

The 2023 NFL season is here and Minnesota Vikings fans are eagerly anticipating how the team will fare in this fiercely competitive landscape of the NFC North. With significant roster changes among rivals and intriguing roster decisions for the Vikings, this new landscape will be an interesting journey. In this article, we will dive into the crucial aspects of how the Viking’s upcoming season will be.

Pro: The Talent

The Vikings have proved themselves in showcasing and keeping exceptional talent with this season being no exception.  With a roster brimming with promising rookies and veterans will boast a formidable lineup in the NFC North. With players like Justin Jefferson,TJ Hockenson, Harrison Smith, Jordan Addison, and Danielle Hunter to headline the talent with an explosive new offensive strategy, the Vikings will be one of the NFL’s most formidable contenders.

Pro: QB1 Kirk Cousins

If Netflix’s Quarterback taught us anything, it taught me Kirk Cousins is the top quarterback for this Minnesota Vikings team. Cousins has consistently demonstrated his resilience and determination both mentally and physically for the Minnesota Vikings. Cousins has shown the ability to push through during crucial game moments as this is likely Cousins’ last chance to prove he can take a team to the Super Bowl and he has the potential to make it happen this year.

Pro: Leadership and coaching

The introduction of the new coaching staff with Kevin O’Connell at the head of it all has been the breath of fresh air for the Minnesota Vikings. In his stand-out rookie season as head coach, O’Connell achieved an amazing first-season record. Moreover, the Vikings addressed and fixed defensive concerns with the addition of veteran defensive coordinator Brian Flores in the offseason. With this revamped coaching, the Vikings will have a better chance of navigating through the challenging match-ups this season and be able to make those strategic adjustments in games.

Pro: Home is where we are the loudest

Visiting teams have struggled when they visit U.S Bank stadium due to the environment and atmosphere the fans have brought to home games. The Vikings have sold out every regular season and playoff game since the beginning of the 1998 season. The passionate fan base traditions of the SKOL chat, the cheering, and the overall sound can create a more difficult environment for any team playing at the stadium.

Con: NFC North opens up

The NFC North has undergone some dramatic changes in the last year. From longtime quarterbacks leaving for new teams to overlooked franchises showing new potential, the Vikings will face all new challenges in the NFC.

With Aaron Rodgers leaving the Green Bay Packers and taking key players like Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb with him, the Packers are in transition to establish a new team. The Packers are betting on Jordan Love to fill the void that Rodgers left. Their future rests on the success of Love and the young core of rookies to fill that massive void.

The Detroit Lions traditionally each year have struggled, but now have shown some competitive life. With a 9-8 record compared to other seasons and the defeat of the Kansas City Chiefs, they have shown that they can be a threat. With Jared Goff leading a strong offensive line and with a strong core defense, they can pose a potential threat.

The Chicago Bears are another NFC franchise relying on their future with Quarterback Justin Fields. The Bears have revamped their offense and improved their defense from last year. While they still have progress to make, they are still a team to keep an eye on.

The NFC North moving forward will be an interesting one with the dynasty of the Rodgers era coming to an end means the Vikings can take the top spot. However, they will need to prepare to take on these new challenges to be able to take the top spot.

Con: High-level competition

The Viking’s schedule for the upcoming season is stacked with many formidable opponents. With challengers like newly revamped franchises like the Bengals and The Panthers, NFL playoff playmakers (The Eagles and The 49ers), and Super Bowl Champs (Kansas City Chiefs). These challenging matchups are essential to overcome and could also offer glimpses of potential playoff previews.

Games that will be challenging

  • Kansas City Chiefs- October 8th
  • Panthers- October 1st
  • 49ers- October 23rd
  • Eagles- Sept 14th
  • Bengals- December 17th

Con: Staying healthy

Injuries have been a problem for the Vikings over the years. From key players like Lewis Cine and James Lynch, impacted the performance of the team. Staying healthy is the key players to make sure they can be successful this season, as those injuries can affect a successful playoff run.

Con: Defense is key

After several bad defensive plays during last year’s playoff game against the Giants,  Ed Donatell’s defensive strategy was leaving the Vikings with some room for improvement. From the previous year inconsistency of pass defense and pass rushing these are two areas I hope to see improvement in this next season.  With the hiring of Brian Flores, I am hoping to see some great improvements from last year’s somewhat decent performance.

Con: Close games are killing us slowly

While close games are exciting, the Vikings have struggled in closing out games, especially last season. The Vikings can succeed this next year with more consistent plays in defense and in the red zone. Consistency and maintaining composure in crucial game moments will be essential for a better outcome this season.

In the end, the upcoming NFL season for the Minnesota Vikings presents numerous opportunities for the Vikings to take the top spot in the NFC North. However, success hinges on their ability to learn from the mistakes of last season, address and perform over the offensive and defensive challenges, and stay composed in critical game moments. With an amazing group of veteran and rookie talent, a strong coaching staff, and unwavering fan support, the Minnesota Vikings have the potential to become the new NFC North dynasty and make a successful playoff run to the Super Bowl this season.


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