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Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Predictions

After another heartbreaking playoff series, the Maple Leafs find themselves right back where they seem to be comfortable – the offseason. With another season in the books, many are calling for changes up and down this team. This offseason brings us one step closer to giving Leafs fans those changes.

On May 9th, Brad Treliving announced the termination of Sheldon Keefe. A change that seemed like it was due years ago, finally happened. Brad Treliving noted that they were looking for a different voice in the room, looking for a new head coach. That new head coach turned out to be former St. Louis Blues HC Craig Berube.

When it comes to the actual roster, there are changes that have to (and will) be made. The biggest, seems to come at the expense of Mitch Marner. A Leaf since he was drafted in 2015, Marner’s time in Toronto seems to be coming to a close. With one more year left on his deal at a $10.9M cap hit, Marner seems like the most likely member of the core to be traded this offseason. If that’ll happen, I doubt it at this stage, but you can never say never. The return for a player of Marner’s caliber can definitely bring back a couple pieces that can help this team.

Many other players have an expiring contract, and a lot of them look to be back with the team next year. A lot of them have a safe bet of making the team next year, but it must be noted that there are still impact players in free agency this upcoming season. No matter what, the Leafs must make moves that improve the areas they have had problems with, namely goaltending and defense. Through trades and signings, it’s hard to predict what exactly they will do, but predict we must.


Toronto Acquires: 2025 4th Round Pick

Anaheim Acquires: F David Kampf

Analysis: Toronto sheds $2.4M in cap space to open up more options in your 4C position. A call up from the AHL or a cheap depth option that will cost less would be the ideal scenario. Many players at a lower cap hit that can replace Kampf, or a player at a higher cap hit that offers more than Kampf will.


Jake DeBrusk – 4x5M

Analysis: DeBrusk is a great comparable to Tyler Bertuzzi. I chose to sign DeBrusk over Bertuzzi because I believe that DeBrusk would be more effective alongside our stars, and DeBrusk is a playoff monster. Just take a look back at this past offseason, the Leafs got torched by DeBrusk, leading to another first round exit.

Max Domi – 4×4.5M

Analysis: Domi is the perfect player for the Leafs. He plays the type of hard-nosed hockey that they are trying to get the team to play, and he is a great playmaker on whatever line they set him up on. Word is he is looking for some term with whatever team he signs with, so a 4 year deal should not be an issue for either side.

Sean Walker – 4×4.8M

Analysis: In this scenario, the Leafs look to reload the right side. Where it starts is with Sean Walker. The Leafs were interested at the last trade deadline, so Walker’s all around game is something that the Leafs would be very interested in going into the offseason.

Matt Roy – 2x4M

Analysis: Roy is the next option down the right side. Roy is a good defensive player, who can handle his own with the puck. Comparable to Jake McCabe, Roy is a great option to pair up with McCabe on the right side.

Laurent Brossoit – 2×2.5M

Analysis: The perfect backup goaltender or your 1B to tandem with Woll, Brossoit is steady enough to compete in either one of those roles. Showing what he is capable of in Winnipeg for the last number of years, Brossoit is

Timothy Liljegren – 1×1.5M

Analysis: To finish off the right side, you give Lily another chance. A cheap option with a good upside, there’s a no-brainer decision here.

Nick Robertson – 1x1M

Analysis: A last ditch effort to get Robertson real playing time and a real shot  breaking out. A cheap deal that gets him back on the roster, you give Robertson another shot or you can ship him out next offseason.

Connor Dewar – 2x850k

Analysis: A late addition to the club, Dewar was fine in the position and he was close to a league minimum player. He was solid in the postseason, and he has done enough to warrant a return on a small deal.

Other options could include trading for Nic Roy from Vegas, or signing FA Alex Carrier. The Leafs are in for a long offseason, but these moves help improve the team in areas they needed improvements, and this also helps them strengthen the whole club come playoff time.

Final Roster:

DeBrusk – Matthews – Marner

Knies – Tavares – Nylander

McMann – Domi – Jarnkrok

Cowan – Dewar – Robertson

Rielly – Walker

McCabe – Roy

Benoit – Liljegren




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