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Is it Zach? Or Coach Saleh?


Zach Wilson is just an overrated and inexperienced quarterback who might get better, but Coach Robert Saleh looks like a nervous wreck on the sideline, like he has never seen a quarterback throw an incomplete pass before. Look, Zach Wilson is not demonically possessed or cursed. He is a backup quarterback, so the team is counting on the defense to keep the team in the game while he guides the team to win 19-17 or something like that. That’s what backup quarterbacks are supposed to do. Play okay, just okay.

The team and the fan base have to get over the fact that they used a first round draft pick to select a player who should have been drafted in the third round in 2020. Everyone should have known that three years at Brigham Young does not prepare a kid to become an NFL quarterback, especially if he has to play on a bad team with a weak offensive line. Starting him as a rookie was a horrible mistake So, the Jets demoted him to the number two position, which is where he should have been all along, and that’s what he is at this stage in his career. A number two quarterback who is slowly improving, and one who needs to manage the game and not try to be Dan Marino.

But what happened to Coach Robert Saleh? When he was the Defensive Coordinator at San Francisco, he was stern and intimidating on the sideline, a real tough guy. The 49ers defense took on that personality and played rough, but disciplined defense. Now, that person is gone, perhaps beaten into submission by the ruthless New York media. On MNF versus Kansas City we saw him curse, whine and just about break down in tears whenever his quarterback failed to complete a pass. In other words, his body language blames the quarterback whenever they come up short. That takes the rest of the underperforming offense off the hook, which is totally unfair, not to mention counter-productive. There are definitely other players on offense who would be worth yelling at if he has a mind to blame players on national TV.

The fact of the matter is that Wilson has pretty much come to terms with the fact that the press, the fans and the Head Coach do not support him. He is actually holding up rather well with all that pressure. The Coach is the one who seems to be crumbling.

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Podcast Transcript

Zach Wilson seems to have come to terms with the fact the he is blamed for everything that goes wrong with the Jets offense. Coach Robert Saleh does not help matters with his histrionics on the sideline every time something negative happens.


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