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Will this be Nick Chubb’s final season with the Browns?

Nick Chubb has been the heart and soul of the Cleveland Browns organization for many years but now entering the 2024 season, that could come to an end depending on how things play out. This is the last year of Chubb’s contract and he’ll be a free agent come 2025. He recently reworked his current contract after a devastating season-ending knee injury occurred back in Week 2 of the 2023 season.  This new contract is built with more incentives based on his achievements upcoming in 2024.

No one knows for sure if Chubb will be ready to roll in Week 1 or exactly when his return will be. He recently spoke to the media about his injury and being welcomed back by his teammates and organization. He sounded like a guy that was working very hard and returning to game-day form but someone who still knew he had a lot of work to do to get back to that point.

Chubb’s knee injury is on the same knee he suffered a previous injury when playing college ball at Georgia. So the chance that Chubb is the “same guy” who was previously racing up the record books in Cleveland football history may not be in the cards when he returns.

There’s been plenty of speculation over the last few weeks on if Chubb will return in Week 1 or come back later in the season. Some in the media are trying to spin that Chubb will return by Week 1 because he wants his money.

I’m looking though more down the road into the following season of 2025. Before the latest knee injury, I would have confidently predicted that the Browns would sign Chubb to a third contract to keep him in Cleveland. But now I wonder how much the organization is committed to Chubb.

I know the NFL is a business and that for the Browns getting a newer and younger running back is on the horizon, but it would do the team some good to stay committed to the best Browns player we’ve had on this team since 2018. Chubb is honestly the best Cleveland running back since Jim Brown. Plus his “team” mentality is the best on the team and what draws fans and analysts alike to praise his accomplishments.

Bringing Chubb back this season, after the horrific injury is testimony to the Browns short-term goal of staying committed to the player. There are no promises in the NFL, and for Chubb to return in 2025, he’ll need to show his value. My money though is on Chubb.

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