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What the Browns Cowboys Opening Game Means for Browns Fans

Last Monday night the Cleveland Browns 2024 season opening opponent was announced. The Browns will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday September 8th at 4:25pm. The game will be televised nationally on the Fox Network. Also, this game is scheduled for the broadcasting debut of Tom Brady. To say that the Cleveland Browns fans are excited is an understatement. And this game being scheduled by the NFL is another statement.

The Cleveland Browns are going to be a featured team by the NFL in 2024. To start the season with a nationally televised game and with highest paid broadcast analyst ever says that. The NFL believes that the Browns versus the Cowboys is a matchup that can be marketed to a large audience. The full schedule will be released on Wednesday May 15th. How many more primetime games will the Browns have in 2024?

Last week I accurately predicted the opening game being nationally televised against Dallas. I can only speculate on the other primetime games for the Browns. I did hear a rumor of a Christmas Day game being exclusively on Netflix. I am not sure if that will happen. However, I do see the Browns playing on Monday Night and Sunday Night. Most likely they will be divisional opponents. A Thursday Night Amazon Prime game should also be in the mix. I also predicted the Browns playing on Black Friday. That probably won’t happen. But I do see the Browns traveling to London in the U.K. to play the Jacksonville Jaguars. The date I heard for that will be October 20th.  Football in Cleveland has changed, and the NFL has taken notice.

The times have changed and the days of the Cleveland Browns playing all their games on Sundays at 1pm are gone. The Cleveland Browns have a Super Bowl contending roster, and the league has seen that.  The days of futility and bad football in Cleveland are gone. They are gone like the winter wind coming off Lake Erie.


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