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The Browns don’t seem to be on same page after Deshaun Watson shoulder injury

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have been the definition of dysfunction, and that disconnect continues this season. The hot topic right now is about Deshaun Watson, the Browns $230 million quarterback, and his injured shoulder.

To begin with, no one really knew that Deshaun Watson had any serious shoulder injury until midweek and then it was reported as early as Sunday morning before the game that Deshaun Watson would be good to go for the game.

However, Watson seemed to surprise the coaching staff right before the game, even though he was medically cleared to play, that he didn’t feel good enough to go out there and sling the football around the field.

Since that time his coach Kevin Stefanski came out and said that yes in fact Watson was medically cleared but chose not to play. That message from the coach was later brought into question on Wednesday during a press conference with Browns General Manager Andrew Berry who then went on to say the decision to have Watson not play was made by he and the coaches.

So, which is it?

Too many times this organization has been the laughingstock of the NFL because they don’t win consistently and there always seems to be self-inflicted drama.

And here we are again in another crazy story where the organization tries to say and act like they know more than everyone else and it just muddies the water and makes the fan base not trust the team again.

If you listened to Berry this week at his press conference, he talked positively about the Browns defense and the special teams but didn’t go out of his way to give a lot of props to the offensive or coach Stefanski. I still contend that Stefanski is on the hot seat this season and if this team can’t climb above the .500 mark then Stefanski may be fired.

It just seems like in this organization from the players to the owner are always saying things that contradict one another and all the while this team continues to struggle and continues to make little progress.

Berry, at his press conference, said that he hopes that the fans are patient with this process of making this team great.

The fanbase has been patient for the last 24 seasons and now we have a $230 million quarterback that doesn’t want to play on Sundays. When you spend that type of money on a quarterback the fans shouldn’t have to “sit back” like Berry said and enjoy the process. This team needs to win now and not tomorrow.

These are big issues with this team and they won’t be going away anytime soon.

While Stefanski will be the scapegoat if this season continues to unravel, the organization needs to stop thinking that they are always smarter than everyone else and just start building a winner rather than always pushing the potential success off to another year.

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