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Confidence Levels in All Three Cleveland Sports Teams as of Today

With how the Cleveland Guardians have been playing lately, winning 13 of their last 15 games and at one point going on a 9-game win streak, it got me thinking. I feel super confident in the Guardians and where they can go, but how confident am I in the other Cleveland sports teams as both the Cavaliers and Browns are currently in their off-seasons? Today, I will break down my confidence level for each of the three Cleveland sports franchises as we sit today, May 29th, 2024.

Cleveland Guardians

The Guardians are up first for my breakdown of confidence and as I said in the intro, I am super confident in this team right now. This season, we have seen the breakout of David Fry, José Ramírez playing as an MVP contender, and while injured as of now, Steven Kwan batting a staggering .353. This team has been fantastic and is arguably the hottest team in baseball. Even if the Guardians go .500 the rest of the season, they will still be a 90-win team poised for the MLB postseason. The Royals being neck and neck with us for the division as well as just being a small market team in general does cause some concern, but this team has shown more than enough reason to be confident in them.

Confidence Level: 9/10


Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers are an interesting case for many reasons. The first is that we do not currently have a head coach and while it was indeed time for J.B. Bickerstaff to go, it is hard to have confidence not knowing who the leader of this team will be next season. The second reason is the fact that at this time, we do not know if Donovan Mitchell will sign a contract extension with the Cavaliers. Many signs point to him being happy in Cleveland and wanting to re-sign, but that fact is still unsure. Lastly, the construction of this roster could be completely different come next season as rumors of trades for names like Jarrett Allen have been everywhere. However, I do have faith in current Cavs GM Koby Altman and owner Dan Gilbert to make the right moves to put this team closer to a championship. Right now, I am impartial in confidence in the Cavs as there is too much unknown.

Confidence Level: 5/10


Cleveland Browns

The Browns are the most interesting team on this list due to multiple factors. Two-time Coach of the Year Kevin Stefanski returns with many of the pieces that granted the Browns a playoff berth last season. However, this season lies on the shoulders of controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson as he enters his third season as a Brown and has yet to show consistency to be the player he once was for the Texans. If Deshaun plays like Deshaun can, and stays healthy while doing it, the sky is the limit for this Browns team, but that is a bigger if than one might be comfortable with. That being said, this Browns team has shown they can face adversity head-on and still succeed, and I expect the same for this team this season. I am confident the Browns can achieve a lot this season and will do so regardless of the Deshaun Watson situation.

Confidence Level: 7/10

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