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Browns win 39-38, but Colts shake the Dawg Pound to its core!

Yes, a win is a win, but Gardner Minshew and the Colts beat up the Browns defense, ringing up 456 total yards on a defense that had been playing at a historically great level through five games. Incredible! Minshew went 15 of 23 for 305 yards, two TDs and an INT. Jonathan Taylor carried the ball 18 times for 75 yards (4.17 yards), which is one of the best performances against Cleveland this season. So sign Minshew and Taylor to your Fantasy team if they are available, and don’t be shocked if the Colts make a playoff run. They are talented.

The Browns were generous on offense, as we feared, with Deshaun Watson throwing a pick in just five attempts, and P.J. Walker adding one more in his 32 tries. Watson did nothing to convince anyone that he is right physically, as few of his passes landed in the correct Area Code. It was only five passes, but they were terrible. Let’s ask it in the form of a question: is there anyone out there, anyone at all, who believes Watson was healthy enough to throw a pass in an NFL game?

After being hit, he grabbed his right shoulder, appeared to have difficulty lifting his right arm and did not throw a pass after clearing concussion protocol. Nevertheless, Coach Kevin Stefanski indicates that his quarterback is just fine and will start versus Seattle. Well, Coach Kevin Stefanski is totally insane. It defies logic to think that a rotator cuff injury will heal itself by subjecting it to additional abuse. But you go right ahead and do what you think is best, Coach, with your $200 million dollar investment.

P.J. Walker ran a gutty offense, completed fewer than 50% of his passes, but somehow led the Browns to 39 points. They were aided in no small measure by four Colts fumbles, including two strip sacks by Myles Garrett that created touchdowns and one by Za’Darius Smith that sealed the win.

Still, Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew did significant damage to the Browns through the air when he wasn’t being strip sacked or otherwise harassed. The Browns had hitherto been invincible in pass defense, but Minshew showed that the Browns could be attacked through the air when he had time to throw.

Garrett also made an incredible play on special teams, blocking a field goal by jumping over an offensive lineman. Check out the X post at the end of this article. You won’t believe it unless you see it.

Jerome Ford reeled off a 69-yard run on the game’s third play, and Kareem Hunt played battering ram to score two touchdowns in tough yardage situations. The running game overall produced 155 yards on 33 attempts (4.55 yards/carry) which is a good day for a team using its backup quarterback.

So, what did we learn?

  1. Deshaun Watson cannot throw.
  2. The Browns are in denial if they are saying that he can throw.
  3. The Browns do have a remarkable defense; however, the Colts have a talented offense and were able to move the ball when everything worked for them.
  4. Myles Garrett & Co. gave up yardage this time but came up with huge, huge plays that translated into scores.
  5. The Browns offense is anemic but gritty, and hung around for the win.

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