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Browns series: Top 10 best players since ’99; No.10 Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns returned to the playing field in 1999 after a brief three-year window of time when their original organization was moved to Baltimore after the 1995 season wrapped up.

Since that move was made much of the current conversations revolve around what’s happened since 1999. The new Cleveland organization has had its problems over the last two decades with numerous coaching changes and over 30 quarterbacks trying their hand at leading the team.

While there have been issues, they’ve still put together some squads over the years that have played tough and even gotten into the postseason a time or two. Along the way, there have been numerous players that have shown true grittiness and dedication to being the very best.

We want to recognize several of those players in this piece that you read next. Qualifying for being in the top 10 included playing for the Browns for three seasons or more. There have been several high-profile players come through town over the years but not many of them did much in their time with the Browns.

So, if you’re expecting to see Odell Beckham Jr. on this list you won’t. This list does include a couple of current players as well as we should point out their outstanding accomplishments already.

No. 10 all-time Cleveland Browns player since 1999 – Baker Mayfield, QB
If it says anything about the history of the Browns over the past two-plus decades, Baker Mayfield is the most successful quarterback with a 29-30 record while in Cleveland. No other quarterback since 1999 has come close to that record or longevity.

Let’s not forget that the Browns were 1-31-1 prior to Mayfield’s 2018 rookie season. Then in 2020, he took the Browns to the playoffs and a win against their rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

He had a good four-year career in Cleveland and that was more time under center than the countless quarterbacks that came before him. He finished throwing for 14,125 yards and 92 touchdowns. In addition, he broke the single-season rookie record back in 2018 by throwing for 27 touchdowns.

Mayfield will be remembered most for being the Browns quarterback that took his team back to the playoffs after a long hiatus. Seeing Cleveland in the playoffs is rare.. They’ve only made it three times since 1999. As for the playoff win over Pittsburgh, he was outstanding in that game as he went 21-34 for 263 yards and threw three touchdowns in a 48-37 win.

While his time in Cleveland came to an end in the 2022 offseason when the team decided to trade for Deshaun Watson, he will likely be looked back on as one of the best players that the Browns have had in the past 20 years.

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