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Browns History: Nick Chubb’s Top 10 Games of All-Time

We are all watching history in the making when we start talking about Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb. While it’s still somewhat early in that career, Chubb has marched up the leaderboard of Cleveland greats and will be on the doorstep of Jim Brown and his legacy by the end of this upcoming season.

Chubb has been with the Browns since 2018 and the running back from Georgia has proven his worth over and over again. His consistent and extraordinary efforts over these past six seasons have been awesome to witness. He has gained 6 511 yards and is ranked fourth on the Browns all-time running back list only behind Mike Pruitt, Leroy Kelly, and Jim Brown.

Will Chubb get to those career numbers like the 12, 230 total yards rushing that Brown collected in a nine-year career? He did suffer a horrible knee injury in Week 2 of the 2023 season so his opportunity to reach Brown’s numbers are maybe out of reach.

While we wait to see how Chubb responds in 2024 I had a chance to go back through his previous seasons and find 10 games that were some of his best. There are so many great games that narrowing it down to 10 was difficult, but we gave it a shot.

No 10: The Oakland Raiders game in 2018
Introducing Nick Chubb! After not being used to start the 2018 season because of ignorant coaches (insert head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley) the youngster exploded onto the scene and made an immediate impact with two long rushing touchdowns in a Week 4 matchup out in Oakland.
Chubb’s first rushing TD went for 63 yards early in the first half. The second score was a 41-yard scamper in the fourth quarter. It was really something special to watch and immediately everybody knew that Chubb would be something special for the Browns. He only had three carries in the game but he went for 105 yards.

The fact that Jackson and Haley held him out of games till then should be considered a crime.

No. 9: The Pittsburgh Steelers home game in 2020 to send the Browns to playoffs
In a game that Cleveland had to win to reach the playoffs in 2020, Chubb was spectacular. He started the scoring for his team with a dazzling burst of speed and finesse as he ran past Steeler defenders for a 47-yard touchdown. He also had multiple 10-yard or more carries and finished the game with 108 yards on only 14 carries.

No.8: The Washington home game in 2020
Who can forget this game where Chubb made some incredible cuts on runs early and then later on scampers to score some impressive touchdowns against the Washington Football Team? The TV analysts that game still couldn’t believe what they were watching, but Browns fans knew that Chubb was a special running back.

Chubb scored on a brilliant 16-yard run in the second quarter and then came back again late in the fourth quarter for a 20-yard blast that sealed the game for the Browns. Before his first score, he almost broke a score earlier but was able to get the next one after studying the defense.

It was a great example of how Chubb studies his opponent and the challenge in front of him. His instincts and feel for the game are the best in the game.

No. 7: The Los Angeles Chargers away game in 2021
In this game, Chubb was fantastic and his team should have won but ultimately lost. He scored early in the third quarter with a magnificent 52-yard burst and had other lengthy runs of 11, 13, 20, and 24 yards. On the day Chubb finished with 161 yards on 21 carries. He was unstoppable like a runaway train.

No. 6: The New York Jets home game in 2022
In this Week 2 matchup with the New York Jets, Chubb really dominated in the second half when he scored an impressive touchdown around the left-hand side close to the goal line with under two minutes to play.

It seemed that the Browns had a lock on the win. Unfortunately, the Cleveland defense had other things on its mind and allowed the Jets to somehow come back and steal the game.

No. 5 The Cincinnati Bengals away game in 2021.

He only ran the ball 17 times but went for 144 yards. He was again unstoppable in this Cleveland blowout win against the Cincinnati Bengals. He had a 1-yard TD run and a 70-yard sprint to the end zone.

No.4: The Atlanta Falcons home game in 2018
“Chubba Wubba Hub” to the house is how Cleveland radio personality Jim Donovan described Chubb as he torched the Falcons and went for some amazing long-distance runs in this blowout win back in 2018. The running back went first for a 13-yard touchdown and then had the longest rushing touchdown in Browns history going for 92 yards as Donovan made the call. For the game, Chubb went for 176 yards on 20 carries and had two touchdowns.

No. 3: The Baltimore Ravens away game in 2019
If you love to hate the Baltimore Ravens, then you loved how Chubb dominated them as he scored multiple touchdowns in the second half and helped the Browns pull away dramatically.

A win on the road in Baltimore is difficult but the former Georgia Bulldog made it look easy with his powerful runs and sprints running past the defense on his way to pay dirt.

Chubb scored all three of his touchdowns in the second half. He had scoring runs of 2, 14 and 88 yards that blew open the door to victory.

No. 2: The Pittsburgh Steelers away playoff game
Chubb didn’t score a rushing touchdown in this one, but he did score a touchdown through the air. He was dominating on the ground as well and it was a brilliant game for Chubb in all phases.

He carried the ball 18 times for 76 yards, He was also targeted four times on passes and added another 69 yards. The biggest pass catch he made was a little dump-off pass that he took 40 yards as he maneuvered through the Steeler defense.

It was a dominating performance by the Browns and Chubb as they beat the Steelers 48-37 in a rare playoff win.

No.1: The Houston Texans home game in 2020
The best game on this list is one where Chubb had just returned from an injury and helped his team preserve a well-deserved 10-7 win. It’s what Chubb did at the very end of the game that still stands out in many people’s minds as being a great moment.

The Browns had the late lead and the ball, needing to continue to run the clock out as they were at midfield. Chubb made an incredible move to the left and sprinted down the sideline and would have gone in for the touchdown, however, he made the right decision and ran out at the 1-yard line, allowing the Browns the opportunity to take a knee and run the clock out on the next play.

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