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The Russell Wilson visit and what it means for the Steelers QB Room

Around midday Thursday was when news broke about Russell Wilson planning a visit to the city of Pittsburgh to meet with the Steelers. For those who have been following our sourced reporting this offseason, these reports should have been met with a “we already knew this” approach.

Why? Because we reported all this to fans in the early days of the offseason.

Despite being met with skepticism, the Broncos eventual release of Wilson, and his potentially cheap price tag, are something the Steelers are heavily considering for the 2024 season.

Everyone immediately feels as if the Steelers will be bringing Russell Wilson in to be the team’s starting quarterback, but instead the overall viewpoint of this move should be viewed as insurance. Wilson would be there to not just mentor and help Kenny Pickett, but be a proven commodity if Pickett flounders or gets hurt.

Why would Wilson want to come to Pittsburgh? He loves Mike Tomlin, sees the Steelers as the stability he hasn’t had since he played for the Seahawks, and also understands Pickett hasn’t completed a full season as the starting quarterback in his first two years due to injury. In other words, it could be a great position for him to get back on the field and show he still has what it takes to play at a high level.

No, the Steelers aren’t giving up on Pickett. He was a first round pick, and they are going to give him every opportunity to prove he is their guy; however, if Wilson does take a veteran minimum deal he would be a much better option as a QB2 than they had last season in Mitch Trubisky.

Will it happen? Nothing is set in stone, and Wilson will likely hear from all potential suitors before making his final decision. However, the Steelers are interested, and Wilson could view the Steelers as a great spot for him to get back on the field and win games with a pretty solid roster from top-to-bottom.

Check out more information on this story in the Breaking News podcast below, and be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the team as they prepare for the new league year next week.

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