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The current Steelers coaching staff is significantly unbalanced

Pittsburgh Steelers have been busy in regards to filling out the coaching staff for the 2024 season. Filling their vacancy at offensive coordinator, the Steelers have added numerous other coaches while moving on from others.

Although there was no official announcement at the time, on Wednesday there were new additions and changes to the Steelers coaching staff according to their website. Another offensive assistant was added in the form of Matt Baker, and Mike Sullivan had his title changed to senior offensive assistant. So even though the Steelers have done a lot, there still continues to be changes coming to the coaching staff.

When looking at the Steelers staff on, there is a huge discrepancy in the numbers when comparing the two sides of the ball. The Steelers currently have 10 offensive coaches while only listing six defensive coaches. The coaches for the offense are as follows:

Offensive coordinator – Arthur Smith
Quarterbacks – Tom Arth
Running backs – Eddie Faulkner
Wide receivers – Zach Azzanni
Tight ends – Alfredo Roberts
Offensive line – Pat Meyer
Assistant offensive line – Isaac Williams
Senior offensive assistant – Mike Sullivan
Offensive assistant – Matt Baker
Offensive assistant – Mateo Kambui

While this list is extensive and starting to look more like the typical NFL coaching staff, the defense is quite lacking. Here are the six coaches currently listed as defensive coaches on

Defensive coordinator – Teryl Austin
Defensive line – Karl Dunbar
Outside linebackers – Denzel Martin
Inside linebackers – Aaron Curry
Secondary – Grady Brown
Defensive quality control – Jason Brooks

Whether or not the Steelers are going to go with this unit into the 2024 season remains to be seen. With such a discrepancy between the two sides of the ball, it makes one think that perhaps the Steelers will still be in the market for more defensive coaches. On the other hand, maybe the Steelers feel like they have everything under control on the defensive side of the ball, hence why they made more additions on offense.

So what will the Steelers do? Do you believe the Steelers will be adding to their defensive coaching staff in the coming weeks? Do you think it’s something that Steelers should do? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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