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The 2023 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Ohio

The AFC North is arguably the best division in the NFL. When it comes to the Bengals, Browns, Ravens and Steelers, it isn’t just about the fact these teams don’t like one another. In fact, all four teams are coming off a productive offseason which, at least on paper, improved their overall rosters.

While Steelers fans have poured over ever possible angle of the team’s 90-man roster, what about the other teams in the division? Well, I decided to do just that by having Brandon Herriott of Runnin’ Thru the Jungle, FFSN’s Cincinnati Bengals podcast, and John Suchan of The Fanatical Elfz Network, FFSN’s Cleveland Browns podcast to talk all things AFC North.

So, how do the Steelers stack up vs. the two teams who reside in Ohio? We talked about a lot in the podcast, which can be heard in the player below this article, but it was a great opportunity for me, a Steelers fan, to get a better idea as to what the Bengals and Browns were looking like heading into the 2023 season.

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Joe Burrow Extension
  • Safety a weakness?
  • Strength remains the same

Cleveland Browns

  • Deshaun Watson expectations
  • New WR corps
  • Nick Chubb the workhorse

When it comes to these two division rivals, their stories are drastically different entering the 2023 season. The Bengals are considered one of the best teams in the AFC, and it seems to be anything worse than an AFC Championship Game and the season is a bust approach from the fan base. On the flip side, the Browns are coming off a 4th place finish in the division last season, and no one knows what they have with the most important position in all of football, quarterback. Deshaun Watson could return to his Pro Bowl self, or he could look more like he did in the latter portions of 2022.

We shall see how this plays out, but let us know how you see the Steelers stacking up vs. the Browns and Bengals this season in the comments below.

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