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Talking Point: Is Matt Canada going to open up the Steelers playbook in 2023?

If we’re going to have a talking point, it’s only appropriate to eventually get to most Steelers’ fans favorite punching bag Matt Canada. There have been many narratives surrounding the Steelers offensive coordinator. And for many, any time there’s a chance to jump on the Matt Canada hate wagon there seems to be a line.

On Tuesday, a comment by longtime Steelers captain Cam Hayward on his Not Just Football podcast was circling social media where Kenny Pickett made a guest appearance. Of course, the comment from Heyward gave an interesting quote when asking the question to the Steelers young quarterback.

”Matt Canada isn’t going to open up the playbook, so how do you feel about that?”

Pickett‘s response to the longest tenured member on the Steelers 2023 roster was, “Where did you get that from?”

Heyward continued with a playful banter of calling out some of the narratives about the Steelers offensive coordinator while ripping on the other person sitting right next to him other than Pickett.

While the initial quote from Heyward can help fuel a narrative, it is important to actually listen to what was being said shared from Matthew Luciow:

Of course, the Steelers captain was talking in jest about the narratives surrounding the Steelers offense going into the 2023 season. But not every Steelers fan hears the same thing from the given video. While some interpreted Heyward tone as his way of saying the opposite is going to happen, others took the quote literally and as a shot at Canada, confirming the Steelers will only be running a handful of different plays this season.

For the most part, the comments made by Cam Hayward and even the response from Kenny Pickett likely isn’t going to sway fans opinion of Matt Canada very much. What would ultimately do the most for Steelers fans in regards to Canada would be both a successful season in the win-loss department but also improved offensive production and finishing off drives with touchdowns.

So this is the talking point for today: Do you believe Matt Canada is going to open up the Steelers playbook in 2023? Will going into Kenny Pickett’s second season in the NFL help the matter or is Canada simply stuck in his ways? Have the Steelers developed the necessary offensive pieces, or is the offensive philosophy only focused on doing what they’ve done in the past but doing it better?

This is quite the topic of discussion in Steelers’ Nation, so let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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