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Quez Watkins sees the revamped QB room as a positive for WRs

If you were to poll a vast majority of NFL fans and ask them if they feel replacing all of your quarterbacks on your roster in one offseason is a good thing, or bad thing, most would vote for the latter of those two options. After all, consistency is king, especially at the quarterback position.

But that’s exactly what the Pittsburgh Steelers did after the 2023 season. Gone are Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph. In are Russell Wilson, Justin Fields and Kyle Allen.

Outside of the players, could having a brand new room actually be viewed as a positive? For some, they see it as a tremendous opportunity to start with a clean slate.

“Honestly, for me that is a great feeling,” said receiver Quez Watkins, the veteran who signed as an unrestricted free agent after spending his first four seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. “These guys are trusting us receivers. As we make plays, the trust actually grows. For me, I need to continue to make plays and allow the trust to grow.”

Speaking specifically about Watkins and his role within the offense, that has yet to be seen, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the 53-man roster.

“My role isn’t identified completely yet, but I know what they brought me in for,” said Watkins. “I am here to do that.”

When you consider new quarterbacks having to get accustomed to new receivers, it will take time to build trust, but you don’t have that veteran quarterback who will always lean on those receivers he’s worked with before. So, for Watkins it means every day trying to get the new quarterbacks to trust him, the new receiver.

“Day by day, week by week, I am getting more and more comfortable, especially with Russ and Justin,” said Watkins. “We are just building that bond.

“As we learn a new system, are around new guys, for me I try make sure I stay on top of everything. I might have a missed step, missed an assignment where I could have done something better. I chalk that up to learning so when we go to Latrobe and its training camp time, I am detailed up.”

Watkins isn’t the only player who will have to be “detailed up” when the players report to training camp on July 24th. There are plenty other players who are looking to put their best foot forward in what could be one of the most competitive camps of Mike Tomlin’s tenure. Be sure to stay tuned to SCN for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for camp in Latrobe, PA.


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