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Steelers Friday Night Six Pack: The Bills are coming

So these haven’t been all that successful over here in this new realm, but I was telling Dave today we’d give it another go before saying there just isn’t an audience for it.

With that said, here goes nothing…

You know the rules. State your beverage of choice, and if you want to share a meal or the music you’re listening to, feel free!!

1. How much should the Steelers starters play vs. the Bills Saturday night?

2. What position remains the weakest on the Steelers current roster?

3. If the Steelers keep 6 wide receivers, and the following are locks (DJ, Pickens, Robinson, CA3) who rounds out the 6?

4. The Steelers will face the Buffalo starting offense for most of the first half. What would success look like in this situation?

5. Which rookies, not named Joey Porter Jr., are you most excited to watch vs. Buffalo?

6. We’ve been working on improvements to the new site. Everyone should now see a dark mode which can be turned off within articles. Also working on the overall format. What other changes (within reason) would you like to see here at SCN/FFSN??



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