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SCN’s Survivor Contest: Week 9 Results

Week 9 of the 2023 NFL season is in the books. With all games complete, Steel Curtain Network’s survivor league moves on into the second half of the season with the total remaining just above double digits.

With starting a new venture, there are not as many contestants this season as in year’s past who are in the running for the Donnie Shell football. With all of league one being filled with 100 contestants, league two capped out at 64 entries. Since I am entered in both leagues in order to have access, this means 163 contestants are vying for the signed Donnie Shell Hall of Fame football.

This week there was no change to the numbers as the 13 remaining contestants only picked two different games. Seven contestants, three from League 1 and four from League 2, picked the Cleveland Browns to defeat the Arizona Cardinals. With the Cardinals starting a new quarterback, he didn’t have much of a chance as the Browns shut out Arizona 27-0.

The other game that was chosen had six contestants, three from each league, selecting the New Orleans Saints over the Chicago Bears. With the Bears holding a 7-0 and then 14-7 lead in the first half, the game was knotted at 14-14 at halftime. Once again tied going into the fourth quarter at 17-17, the Saints scored a touchdown with over 11 minutes to go in the game. The Bears actually had four different drives to attempt to tie the score before time ran out, but they ended in an interception, another interception, a 3 & out, and a lost fumble leaving the final score at 24-17.

So for the first time this season, all the contestants moved on to the next week.

For those who are still in the contest, Week 10 is open and ready for you to make your next selection. Make sure you get in there and make your choice early as the selection can be changed up until 1 PM EST on Sunday.


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