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SCN’s Survivor Contest: Week 2 Results

Week 2 of the 2023 NFL season is in the books. With all games complete, Steel Curtain Network’s survivor league has now claimed even more victims.

With starting a new venture, there are not as many contestants this season as in year’s past who are in the running for the Donnie Shell football. With all of league one being filled with 100 contestants, league two capped out at 64 entries. Since I am entered in both leagues in order to have access, this means 163 contestants are vying for the signed Donnie Shell Hall of Fame football.

The most common choice in the contest was a tie between the Buffalo Bills to defeat the Las Vegas Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys to defeat the New York Jets. There were 23 contestants between the two leagues that picked each game with 13 picking Buffalo and 10 choosing Dallas in League 1 and the inverse in League 2. Since both games were blowouts, those 46 contestants didn’t have to fret.

The next most popular pick was once again a tie with the San Francisco 49ers over the Los Angeles Rams and the New York Giants over the Arizona Cardinals each with 16 selections. Although the Rams kept things close for a while with the 49ers, the game ended up being decided by two scores if it weren’t for a meaningless field goal as time expired. But when it came to the Giants, they appeared to be dead in the water only rise out of the ashes for an improbable victory.

When it came to the most common incorrect choice, there were 8 contestants who chose the Los Angeles Chargers to defeat the Tennessee Titans. Other popular incorrect choices included the Detroit Lions over the Seattle Seahawks (6) and the Green Bay Packers over the Atlanta Falcons (5). Additionally, eleven contestants failed to make their picks in time.

In League 1, there were 21 contestants eliminated with 53 going on in the contest. As for League 2, 10 contestants were eliminated with 40 moving through.

For those who are still in the contest, Week 3 is open and ready for you to make your next selection. Make sure you get in there and make your choice early as the selection can be changed up until 1 PM EST on Sunday.


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